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Climate Change and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as Drivers of Recent Declines in Coral Growth Rates in the Southwestern Caribbean

评论Climate Change有点Recent Declines in Coral Growth Rates用两个s,也没有必要。in the Southwestern Caribbean标题中,可以不用the。


[1] Historical records of growth rates of the key Caribbean reef framework-building coral Orbicella faveolata can be fundamental not only to understand how these organisms respond to environmental changes but also to infer future responses of reef ecosystems in a changing world. 

评论:can be不如arein a changing world用得不错。

[2] While coral growth rates have been widely documented throughout the Caribbean, the drivers of coral growth variability remain poorly understood. 


[3] Here, we provide a record spanning 53 years (1963–2015) of the coral growth parameters for five O. faveolata core samples collected at Serrana Atoll, inside the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, Colombian Caribbean. 

[4] Coral cores were extracted from reefs isolated from direct anthropogenic impacts, and growth estimations (skeletal density, linear extension, and calcification rates) were derived using computerized tomography. 

[5] Master records of coral growth parameters were evaluated to identify long-term trends and to relate growth responses with sea surface temperature (SST), the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO), North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and Southern Oscillation indexes, aragonite saturation state (Ωarag), and degree heating months (DHM). 

评论:responses with不如responses to。作者没有坚持“a, b, and c” (format),因为(NAO)后面少了逗号。degree heating months (DHM)应该是DHMs

[6] We found significant negative relationships between density and mean SST, maximum SST, AMO, and DHM.

评论:这篇摘要的最大问题在这里。Relationship(s) between a and b. Whose density? What kind of mean SST? Area mean? Time mean? 

[7] Moreover, density showed significant positive correlations with NAO and Ωarag


[8] Extension rate did not show significant correlations with any environmental variable. 


[9] However, there were significant negative correlations between calcification and maximum SST, AMO, and DHM. 


[10] Trends of coral growth indicated a significant reduction in density and calcification over time, which were best explained by changes in Ωarag

[11] Inter-annual declines in calcification and density up to 25% (relative to historical mean) were associated to the impacts of previously recorded mass bleaching events (1998, 2005, and 2010). 


[12] Our study provides further evidence that AMO and Ωarag are important drivers affecting coral growth rates in the Southwestern Caribbean. 

[13] Therefore, we suggest upcoming variations of AMO and future trajectories of Ωarag in the Anthropocene could have a substantial influence on future disturbances, ecological process and responses of the Caribbean reefs.

评论:variations of AMO不需要s。作者没有坚持“a, b, and c” (format),因为ecological process后面少了逗号。


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