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新闻: 迄今为止发现的最大素数(带 翻译狗 上路)

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Largest Prime Number Found So Far

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A Tenn. Man Recently DiscoveredThe Largest Prime Number Known To Humankind

January 7, 20188:06 AM ET

Heardon  Weekend Edition Sunday

This past week, a FedEx employeefrom Germantown, Tenn., made a massive discovery — and it wasn't in anypackages. John Pace found the largest prime number known to humankind.

And that number goes on to morethan 23 million digits.

"So it's longer than anybodyreally wants to sit down and hear," he says.

If you're not great at math, here'sa primer: Prime numbers can only be divided by 1 and themselves.

Pace found his prime as part of anonline collective called the Great InternetMersenne Prime Search, or GIMPS. Pace and thousands of volunteersran software on their personal computers crunching numbers day-in and day-out.

GT: 过去一周,来自田纳西州Germantown的联邦快递员工发现了一个巨大的发现,而且没有任何包装。约翰·佩斯发现了人类所知道的最大的素数。

Mine: 过去一周,来自田纳西州German镇的联邦快递员有了一个巨大的发现,而且跟快递包没有关系。约翰·佩斯发现了人类至今所知道的最大的素数。


Anyone can participate, you justneed a computer, an internet connection and a lot of patience. Pace began hisprime hunt 14 years ago.

"There was a $100,000 prizeattached to finding the first prime that had a 10 million digit result, and Iwas like, 'Well you know, I've got as much chance as anybody else,' " hesays.

Pace's prime holds the title forthe largest, but there are other bigger ones out there. And they're important,especially when it comes to cryptography, internet security and the future of computing.

GT: 任何人都可以参与,你只需要一台电脑,互联网连接和耐心。佩斯14年前开始了他的主要追捕。

Mine: 任何人都可以参与,你只需要一台电脑、互联网连接和耐心。佩斯14年前开始了他的“素数追捕“。


"When they ultimately get toquantum computers, however long that takes, they'll be able to crack currentencryption in milliseconds," Pace says. "So there's going to be a need for extremely large prime numbers, and I'd like to at least have left some legacy that I've helped contribute something to society."

GT: “当他们最终到达量子计算机时,无论多长时间,他们将能够毫秒级地破解当前的加密,”佩斯说。所以我们需要一个非常大的素数,而且我至少要留下一些我曾经为社会贡献的东西。”

Mine: “无论我们需要等待多长时间,最终有了量子计算机时,这些量子计算机将能够在毫秒时间内破解密码,”佩斯说。“所以我们需要非常大的素数。至少,我为社会做出了一点有意义的贡献。”

NPR's Isabel Dobrin produced thisstory for the Web.

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