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LINJIANRONG 2016-1-3 12:23
laofan68 2015-12-30 12:09
      打扰了,谢谢您! 我的电子信箱是      我的英语不太好,您发来我慢慢学吧。
   再次深表谢意!      范振英
laofan68 2015-12-28 10:18
    谢谢您的回复! 很希望能拜读到您的大作,若能寄一本来就太感谢了,请告诉我需要多少钱,怎么汇款,我给您寄去。
    我叫范振英;地址:天津巿红桥区红旗路宜兰里1号楼2门701;邮编:300121    电话:13920830524  多谢!

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看女儿 2018-02-25
刚去看了女儿。女儿写了一点文字,多谢她的美言。 My father just left, an hour ago. Leaving me with unparalleled wisdom. He held my baby for hours ...
Omen 2018-02-12
Omen I was on a bus yesterday. An old woman went on the bus She started to say something Again and again At first people thought she ...
女儿初为人母 2018-02-05
这是女儿生孩子前几天写的 When I was little, my mother would paint the most beautiful landscapes onto our bedroom walls. Lush jungles of animals ...
Weather and climate 2018-02-04
Weather and Climate When we meet acquaintances, we often talk about weather. This is the topic least likely to offend people. Are there topics ...
Ruler 2018-02-03
Ruler A ruler rules A ruler measures A ruler who rules Becomes the ruler Which measures
老三的一篇短文 2018-01-31
I grew up on the rhymes of Dr. Seuss. The rhythm and sounds of the rhymes rolled off the tongue in a sing song fashion. Although I didn't fu ...
Winter night in the north 2018-01-30
Winter night is long My longing for you is longer You are long long away Long and distant How I wish to be close to you But y ...
An Old Car 2018-01-29
An Old Car It has run All its life It has run out Its life It tries hard to cough out Its exhaust It is completely Exhausted ...


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