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Interesting Association of Ginseng’s Shape

with Human Diseases Treatment

What most people actually see of Ginseng is just its main root but not its stems or seeds. In fact, a complete Ginsengincludes Ginseng seeds, Ginseng leaves, Ginseng stems and Ginseng roots. TheGinseng roots again can be divided into head, adventitious roots, main root andfibrous roots.

There is a saying that illnesses indifferentparts of human body can be treated with the corresponding parts of Ginseng. For example, humans internal organs problems can be solved by eating Ginseng’s mainroot portion; person’s inability of walking can be solved by eating Ginseng's fibrous roots; human’s arm problems can be cured by eating Ginseng’s adventitiousroots; when human’s kidneys are sick eating Ginseng seeds would help ... Similarly, the hand-shaped Ginseng leaves can excellently do the skin care of human hands, and so on.

These points of view have not been illustrated with scientific experiments till now. However, it has been found by experiencingthat these treatments have significant medical effect. There are some similar casesin fact. A Chinese patent medicine that mainly made of Coriolus Versicolor, aliver-shaped fungus, has been used in treatment of liver disease. Actually, many kinds of tumor-shaped mushrooms, which grow on trunks, are proved to be effective in treating tumors with scientific experiments. These amazing phenomena are indeed worth further studying.




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