DISCRIMINATION at the Graduate School Entrance Level

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DISCRIMINATION at the Graduate School Entrance Level:

     The following table is publishedby the Am. Assoc. of Medical Colleges (AAMC).  The info in the first 10 columns shows that the acceptance ratefor AsAm applicants is always the lowest in 9 different combinations of compa
rable MCAT score & GPA, lower even than their white peers.  The info. in the
last 2 columns on the right show that the average AsAm MCATs score is the HIGHEST amongall races, and yet they are accepted at the LOWEST rates
among all races.  Outrageous!

   The bar chart below, based on the info shown in the above table, illustrates the glaring differencesin admission rates.

    The desire for diversity and the intent of the Affirmative Action Program causes the higher acceptance rate of Hispanic & Black applicantswith comparable academic achievements, which most AsAms understand and embrace. However, why are AsAms given a lower acceptance rate than whitepeers?  Isn't that the REVERSE of Affirmative Action?



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