How to customize FSTSS-YC

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Provide the digital map(s) of your city: In order to successfully customize a simulation platform software, the customer first needs to carefully prepare the digital map(s) of your city/region (bmp format), which would be sent to ESDV. The number of digital maps, however, depends on client’s demand, i.e., one or several pieces, but there must have a mark of map scale on each map, (the scale of each map may bedifferent), and the correctness of scale should be checked by the client (donot think the map scale on website is always correct, we have found out wrong map scale in deed). The customer can also give a characteristic distance of map, such as the side length of map or distance between two points in lieu of map scale. The preparation should be that the map can be clearly shown on the client’s computer screen, as the customer will operate by using the developed simulation platform software, i.e.,the map image on the screen of client’s computer should not be too small, but the width of image should not exceed four-fifths of the screen width, in order to leave suitable place for the tables, appeared on the right side of screen and used to insert collected dada. Note that the influential distance from anemission position on highways and arterial streets to the place or region, interested in by the client, is around 10km. The local environmental impact from outside 10km emission is small enough to be ignored usually in engineering.

Make the simulation platform software for your city: ESDV will build the simulation platform software of the specific city/region on the digital map(s), provided by client. The client can complete various operations on the digital map(s), including geometric data collections (road positioning), receptor disposition, display and analysis of computed results, making surface roughness factor files, and soon.

Through the help file to learn how to use your simulation platform software: The simulation platform software, provided by ESDV, possesses a detailed help file, which can guide users to position roads (geometric data collection), to dispose receptors, to enter data, to make surface roughness factor Z0 files, and to calculate, display and analyze the pollutant concentration values at receptors and the concentration fields at given height, and so on. The help file can quickly help the user to master the simulation platform software of motor vehicle exhaust emission for you city.

Other services: Except for building the simulation platforms software for clients, ESDV also provides following services for clients:

1. Staff training;

2. Building surface roughness factor Z0 files (grid resolution<=25000);

3. Calculating and providing corresponding analysis reports in English/Chinese.

4. Transferring the computer software copyright of the built simulation platform software.

Charges: The total cost to build a simulation platform software mainly depends on research and development coast, making charge, handling charge and taxation, and also has relation to the number of digital maps and service terms mentioned above.The charges to build the simulation platform software for clients by ESDV are reasonable. Welcome to use the contents of this website to write your research proposal for applying project funds for making your simulation platform software.

Contactus:It would be our pleasure to answer any inquiry and to provide more details based on clients’ needs. For more information, please contact us through the email:

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