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   这两天看奥斯卡的热闹。颁奖者Warren Beatty盯着信封category envelope看了好久,奇怪,信封上写着"Emma Stone, La La Land”(这是刚发过的是最佳女主角的);但他还是把信封交给了Faye Dunaway,于是Faya宣布Lala(爱乐之城)获奖。接着,制片人JordanHorowitz 发表获奖感言。他讲完了主持人才发现信封拿错了,最佳影片是月光(Moonlight)。Emma也奇怪,她一直拿着自己的获奖卡的,不知怎么还有一张。据BBC的报告,每个奖项预备了两套信封,大概是为了保险,却不想摆了恐龙(mix-up),媒体夸它是IN MOST BIZARREMOMENT IN OSCARS HISTORY

   事情本来很简单,后来负责点票的PricewaterhouseCoopers也认错了,但新闻却写了又写,似乎要把它写成史记的一篇。今天又见华盛顿邮报电视评论员HankStuever的高维度批评,“Oscars2017: From Blah-Blah Land to wait — what justhappened?”引出更有趣的问题(当然也有CCTV都不忘捡来调侃老普的段子,如If youand your Oscar pals pinned your drinking game to any passing or directreference to the current White House occupant, you wouldhave been fairly soused an hour in.)。开篇头一句就很夺目:Our culture is toofrazzled and fried and exhausted for this kind of nonsense!这也算时尚的一部分吧,哪个空间都屏蔽不了。

   没露面的主角老普也终于发话了:他们太关心政治,所以出丑。“I thinkthey were focused so hard on politics that they didn’t get the act together atthe end,” 他告诉BreitbartNews说,“It was alittle sad. It took away from the glamour of the Oscars. It didn’t feel like avery glamorous evening. I’ve been to the Oscars. There was something veryspecial missing, and then to end that way was sad.

   Hank最后说,Regardless of what the bestpicture ever is, academy voters surely must have some vague awareness that theyand their industry are headed straight off a cliff of irrelevancy. But then wemust ask once more: Do movies have to be relevant? Do they have to reflect eachand every one of us, with our increasingly unique backgrounds, cultures andbeliefs? Are movies — and the Oscars — required to mean anything at all,particularly when so much else seems so much more important?

  他说电影人straight off a cliff,大概是因为主持人JimmyKimmel说了Let’s just get something straight off the top。我热闹地认为,文艺玩儿政治像小熊猫学爬树,政治家玩儿文艺就是灰太狼调戏喜羊羊。



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