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分享 Numpy Installation: Python 2.7 required, which was not found
2013-1-8 21:40
To use HTSeq, a tool for high-throughput sequencing data analysis, I need install Python 2.7 and Numpy on 64-bit windows 7. Python 2.7 was first successfully installed. But during the installation of Numpy_1.6, erroroccurred:Python version 2.7 required, which was not found in the registr ...
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分享 qRT-PCR: Oligo(dT) primer or Random hexamers?
2013-1-8 21:10
Oligo dT and random hexamers are two different primers used in reverse transcription reactions for subsequent real-time PCR for gene expression. I usually use oligo dT primers. But in the lab I stayed now, random hexamers were used by everyone except me. The expression levels of genes varied with t ...
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