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NIR fluorescent probe for antiapoptotic effects of GSH 2017-08-13
A ratiometric fluorescent probe for imaging and quantifying anti-apoptotic effects of GSH under temperature stress Xiaoyue Han,   Xiny ...
pH fluorescent probe for mitochondrial acidification 2017-07-17
Wide-acidity-range pH fluorescence probes for evaluation of acidi-fication in mitochondria and digestive tract mucosa     The cells contro ...
quantification of ClO−/H2S homeostasis in gastric 2017-05-27
Abstract Homeostasis of ClO − /H 2 S plays a crucial role in the damage and repair of gastric tissue, but has rarely been investigated d ...
Dual response fluorescent probe for SO2/ClO− detection 2017-05-27
Abstract Intracellular reactive sulfur species and reactive oxygen species play vital roles in immunologic mechanism. As an emerging signal transmi ...
Fluorescent Probe for Selenocysteine in liver 2017-05-27
A Ratiometric Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Quantification and Evaluation of Selenocysteine-Protective Effects in Acute InflammationAbstract Se ...
Fluorescent probes for accurate tumor diagnosis and therapy 2017-03-21
Fluorescentchemical probes for accurate tumor diagnosis and targeting therapy Min Gao a d ,Fabiao Yu a b *,Changjun Lv b ...
用于检测多硫化氢和亚硝酰氢的小分子荧光探针(综述) 2016-09-12
摘 要 : 多硫化氢( H 2 S n )和亚硝酰氢( HNO )在一系列生理病理过程中起着重要的作用,包括调节细胞内氧化还原信号传递过程、增强心 ...
Fluorescent Discrimination of Adenosine Triphosphate 2016-09-12
ABSTRACT: With use of simple terpyridine zinc nitratecomplexes, intriguing visual recognition of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) viaselective coordinat ...


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