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myIDP助年轻人规划自己的学术生涯 (Science杂志关爱年轻人)

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http://myidp.sciencecareers.org. 科学杂志在敏锐嗅探到科学研究职业化的今天,社会以及高校研究机构在引导新晋毕业的博士生们以及博士后走上正轨的学术道路有着缺陷,或者这一块基本缺失(ps:这一块在国内尤甚)。凡事预则立,学术生涯也一样,美国一些机构和高校陆续要求博士生和博后们入职时提供个人发展规划IDP,但远不够普及,科学杂志通过自己的影响力,利用日益发达的网络建立了一个面向学术新人(当然老人也能应用)自我学术评估规划网站http://myidp.sciencecareers.org


·         Overview

o    Overview Summary

o    Personal Information

·         Assessment

o    Skills Assessment

o    Interests Assessment

o    Values Assessment

·         Career Exploration

o    Consider Career Fit

o    Read About Careers

o    Attend Events

o    Talk to People

o    Choose a Career Path

·         Set Goals

o    Career Advancement Goals

o    Skill Goals

o    Project Goals

·         Implement Plan

o    Mentoring Team

o    myIDP Summary


Science 7 September 2012: 
Vol. 337 no. 6099 p. 1149 

Planning Career Paths for Ph.D.s

http://www.sciencemag.org/content/337/6099/1149.summaryJim Austin1

1.        Bruce Alberts2

1.        1Jim Austin is Editor of Science Careers.

2.        2Bruce Alberts is Editor-in-Chief of Science.

There was a time not so long ago when new Science Ph.D.s in the United States were expected to pursue a career path in academia. But today, most graduates end up working outside academia, not only in industry but also in careers such as science policy, communications, knowledge brokering, and patent law.* Partly this is a result of how bleak the academic job market is, but there is also a rising awareness of career options that Ph.D. scientists haven't trained for directly—but for which they have useful knowledge, skills, and experience. Still, “there is a huge disconnect between how we currently train scientists and the actual employment opportunities available for them,”† and an urgent need for dramatic improvements in training programs to help close the gap. One critical step that could help to drive change would be to require Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scientists to follow an individual development plan (IDP).

·         * National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering Indicators 2012, Table 3-20 (www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind12/c3/tt03-20.htm).

·          M. Rosenberg, ASBMB Today, August 2012 (www.asbmb.org/asbmbtoday/asbmbtoday_article.aspx?id=17458).

·          http://myidp.sciencecareers.org.



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