分享 How to clone Raspberry pi SD card
2014-2-20 23:46
1. Make an .img file for backup. Download: win32DiskImager In the Image File box, enter the path of your soon-to-be image file. For example, mine is: H:/myraspbmc-20140220.img Under the Device box, select your SD card. For example, mine is: F: Click t ...
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分享 [转载]Use DiskPart to recover unallocated space on SD card for Rpi
2014-2-19 23:05
Use DiskPart on Windows OS to recover unallocated space on SD card for Raspberry PI Press Windows-R and type DiskPart in the ‘Open’ box. Type:‘list disk’ and look for the disk that resembles your SD card. (For this tutorial, assume it’s disk 1) Type ‘select disk 1′ Type ‘clean ...
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分享 Raspberry Pi用Wifi接入加密校园网的初始化
2014-1-14 22:19
1. 安装: WICD (apt-get即可安装) 2. 证书:从U盘导入linux系统的网络证书( This case: uob_root_linux.pem ) 3. 修改: WPA_Supplicant.conf,etc/wpa_***文件夹下 ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant network={ ssid=eduroam proto=RSN key_mgmt=WPA-EAP group=CCMP eap=PEAP ...
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