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The tree in the cold winter

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The tree in the cold winter
Bared, but stands tall and upright
Alone, while whistling in no height
The day long and night long wait

For its growing time bait
It is not dead and never
The whistling tells its eager
For the intrinsic nature hide

Behind the forceful thunder
Coming sunshine and rainwater
Leaves delight twittering birds
Akin to yard full of chasing toddlers

The tree in the cold winter


The tree in the cold winter
Bared, but stands tall and upright
Alone, while whistling in no height
The day long and night long wait

For its growing time bait
It is not dead and never
The whistling tells its eager
For the intrinsic nature hide

Behind the forceful thunder
Coming sunshine and rainwater
Leaves delight twittering birds 
Akin to the yard full of chasing toddlers


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