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选自:Wang B, Wu C, Shi B, et al. Evidence-based safety (EBS) management: A new approach to teaching the practice of safety management (SM)[J]. Journal of Safety Research, 2017, 63(12): 21-28.

Existing SMapproaches could be divided into seven types based on their management bases,which are experience-based safety (ExBS) management, theory-based safety (TBS) management, behavior-based safety (BBS) management, standards-based safety(SBS) management, risk-based safety (RBS) management, accident-based safety(ABS) management and countermeasures-based safety (CBS) management. Table 1 lists them.


List and summary ofexisting SM approaches.

In addition, thefollowing two issues need to be explined in Table 1: (1) the examples of ExBS management is a blank because SM activities would require someexperience, and (2) in the actual SM operation, people likely use a combinationof these SM approaches in Table 1.

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