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[59]chunjiwang   2011-4-23 09:59
I'm sorry, but I found your link of "新读者请看" was redirected to the main page of "科学网". Thank you all the same! Looking forward to meeting you at Tsinghua!
我的回复(2011-4-23 22:02):By the way, I just tried the URLs for 新读者请看" and had no difficulties.
我的回复(2011-4-23 19:38):OK please try:
[58]chunjiwang   2011-4-21 10:28
Dear Prof. Ho,
Thank you for your response. I'm sorry I didn't find your earlier articles about your activities at Tsinghua in so many articles... Do you have a fixed time each year you come to Tsinghua?
我的回复(2011-4-21 19:22):Why don't you read my announcement 新读者请看 again.Do a little bit of searching on your own.  No, I don't have defin ite time to be in Beijing.
[57]chunjiwang   2011-4-20 10:14
Dear Prof. Ho,
I'm an undergraduate in Tsinghua University. I'm in the Computational Neuroscience Lab in the Medicine School. In my lab, we regularly get together to have supper (called tea time by us) and discuss something related to science and research. Last week, we spent whole supper time reading articles in your blog, and we all felt very enlightened. I learnt from the internet that you are now in Tsinghua as a professional lecturer, may I ask that whether now you teach courses in Tsinghua? Or is there any chances that we can meet you in the campus?

Our lab is hosted by Prof. Li Zhaoping. For details, please visit http://cns.med.tsinghua.edu.cn/
Looking forward to your reply!

Best Regards,
Chunji Wang
我的回复(2011-4-20 18:34):Dear Mr. Wang, Thank you very much. I come to Tsinghua only once a year and for no more than one month at a time. For more details about my activities at tsinghua, read my earlier articles on CFINS and google the same. YCH
[56]scnemsyang   2011-4-13 06:25
A Random Reflection on the Essence of "Education"
People often find it surprising that I covered a wide spectrum of the academic disciplines (Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, East Asian Study, ...) and industry specialties (Semiconductor, information technology, fuel cell, mobile applications, cloud computation, broadband network, banking, finance, digital media, LED, ...) that I have engaged in during my relatively short career so far.

It dawned on me this past weekend that such intellectual adaptability has less to do with my biological making (i.e. nature) than my education upbringing (i.e. nurture).   More specifically, it's the culmination of a series of luck  that brought me to Harvard and Professor Ho as his pupil#48.   

Like most Asian, I went through a cram style education system in my youth.    I did not go to private school and my high school is at best mediocre in California (which ranked meagerly as 48th or 49th state (out of 50) on education in USA).  I don't have much recollection of my high school years other than taking classes and tests.  Frankly speaking, at that time, it would be hard to differentiate me against a test taking automaton.    Life was uninspiring.  Future to me is nothing more than more tests and eventually becoming an engineer or doctor with a big dollar tag.

So how did an average Joe like me get into Harvard?   Who knows.   The conspiracy theory is that it was an experiment that got tossed back and forth several times before the admission committee got tired of the debate and resort to a coin toss in my favor.   Regardless, I was a pretty lucky guy considering the competition.   

God was very good to me.  My luck was on a roll.  I got accepted into Professor Ho's DEDS group, and eventually "graduated!"   What a wonder.

Not only did I graduate in the literal sense (i.e. attainment of a diploma), something wonderful happened -- I was magically metamorphed into an independent thinker and a compassionate citizen, or for lack of a better word, a "Harvardman".   

I did not know why and how such enlightenment happened.  All I know is that I begin to develop interest in literature, care about social justice, and find things in the world to make sense on their own across all disciplines.   As Professor Ho prophesied in his teaching, I also learned the ability to master any topic within 3 months.  Life is colorful and full of excitement.

This past weekend, I had another serendipitous engagement with this transformative function known as "Harvard/Ho Education".   A group of Professor Ho's students gathered at Harvard to share our life stories since graduation.   While the graduates span across different fields in academia, public service, and private sectors, everyone attributed their success to Professor Ho's teaching and its application to every facets of life.  More concretely, we unanimously agreed that Professor Ho had cultivated us into rigorous "thinkers" and curious "philosophers" through a constructive and passionate education process.   

I probably sound like a religious fanatic at this moment, but the formula is really quite mundane.    Professor Ho and Mrs Ho guided us to look beyond the simple facts and appreciate the obvious.  Whether it's another scientific breakthrough or ways to lead a happier life, when one finds his/her inner strength in thinking independently and responsibly, even the sky will no longer be a limit.

Long story short.  Here is the consultant one-pager of my recent revelation:
  - Professor Ho and Mrs Ho rock.  They are true educators.
  - "Principle factors" of a successful Liberal Arts Education and the Harvard magic
     -- independent thinker with audacity to think differently
     -- responsible philosopher with equanimity to listen unbiasedly and persistence to improve continually
     -- compassionate citizen with humility to acknowledge our commonality with the less fortunate
     -- rigorous decision maker with tolerance of ambiguity
     -- diligent worker with the determination to achieve one's best potential     
  -  The first 4 principle factors may sound abstract, but Professor Ho has proven that there is a practical training process.  The solution does not involve faith or religion.  It takes a teacher's compassion and determination to draw the best out of each of his students, and a rigorous training program with carefully coordinated resources.
  - The 5th principle factor is the core of most Asian education system.  It's objective and fair; and it lays the fundamental base for the other 4 factors.   The western public education systems lag far behind on this dimension in my opinion.   Unfortunately, in absence of the first 4 factors, the products from the Asian education systems may not be too different from the lifeless neural networks of the future.   
  - I am a very lucky guy

Cheers to two great teachers,
Mike Yang @ Changsha,  2011 April 12
我的回复(2011-4-14 04:49):Mike, the joy and reward of teaching is to get an unsolicited letter like yours every now and then. hanks for the kind words and sentiments. LH
[55]祁峰   2011-3-17 16:24
[54]祁峰   2011-3-13 10:30
[53]祁峰   2011-3-12 19:35
[52]apple246671   2011-2-26 18:45
[51]huayuwujie   2011-2-4 23:34
我的回复(2011-2-5 01:52):Thank you. You too.
[50]Sweeper   2011-1-25 12:56
Did you read this week's Time Magazine cover story about “Tiger Mother” ? Is American media now all insane?
我的回复(2011-1-25 21:53):Yes, I did. See also my recent blog article
[49]futureone   2010-12-27 23:27
Ha!Now I am still an undergraduate.Next year I may study in Russia for six years. The country will pay for the necessary expenses there.(公派出国)No one could give me any advices then,and I don"t know what"re waiting for me either.But at least I will try my best! Happpy new year!
博主回复:Best wishes for your foreign study.
[48]futureone   2010-12-25 18:43
hello grandfather!best wishes to you !i hope you could be surrounded by happness, healthiness,quietness forever!
博主回复:Thank you. Give me a clue as to which one of the six are you.
[47]huangwei1976   2010-12-24 22:14
博主回复:Many thanks
[46]焦静   2010-12-19 11:33
I have read your article on the website"http://blog.renren.com/blog/50262126/497323481", I learned more and feel more. I think I want to be a research all my life and in the past I never pay more attention to give a easy understood lecture, now I am applying to continue my PhD study in America. Hope to read more about your insigtful articles in future. Thank you.
博主回复:I cannot access the website you listed. Tell me which articles did you read?
[45]huayuwujie   2010-11-28 22:17
博主回复:Thank you. but I don"t understand your comment #4 on my "California Dreaming" article
[44]杨欣欣   2010-11-5 01:12
教授您好: 我是学习运筹与控制的学生,我认为做应用数学需要接触实际的问题,只有这样才能够有好的idea,但是我在国内是没有这样的机会去接触一些实际的问题并对它们提出新的模型和理论的,请问教授我该怎么办? 我现在已经是研究生了,感觉没有时间了,因为要发文章要打实基础知识,还要学习英语。 并且我觉得应用数学的学生就业不是太好,我因此又对未来充满了忧虑,不知道该怎么办?
博主回复:I do not agree that (1) 但是我在国内是没有这样的机会去接触一些实际的问题. (2) 感觉没有时间了. You are young and opportunities always exist. Do not dispair and give up but work hard. Good luck.
[43]wangqiangzhi   2010-10-3 12:04
你好啊,何老师,最近我看到一个关于帆船的介绍:法国著名的船长塔巴利设计的Hydroptere号帆船。  在2000年8月的几次试航中,它的速度达到了35节(略低于70公里时速),而风速只有15节略高于地中海微风的速度。 何老师,使用热机能产生这样的效果么? 比如,这个船在离岸N公里处抛锚,岸上的人决定把一台发动机固定在岸边,然后用绳子(假设绳子的长度足够)分别连接在船和发动机上,然后让发动机把船拉回来!假设船身是圆形的,只要速度一样,不管运动方向如何,所受的阻力都是一样的! 当发动机拉着船运动的速度达到15节时,帆与气流的相对速度也是15节(假设当时没有风),那么帆船在帆的升力方向上的速度能达到35节么? 换句话说,使用热机拉动帆船,使帆与气流产生相对运动,能出现帆船在升力方向的速度超过热机拉船的速度这样的现象么?
博主回复:This is not my area of expertise. Thus, you need to consult other experts.
[42]张檀琴   2010-9-22 12:09
Dear Professor Ho: In China the elder"s duty is telling old stories and wisedom to youngers not doing hard work for yougers. This is just what Professor Ho has done a lot.
博主回复:Thank you. Furthermore, fruits gathered with your own labor taste that much sweeter.
[41]张檀琴   2010-9-22 12:04
Dear Professor Ho: I am very aspired to read your articles, but for your elder age, you write only one article a week, so I hope you revise some your old writings on stories of yourself and wisedom by yourself then publish it. 祝愿何老师身体健康,合家欢乐。
博主回复:I"ll do so when appropriate and when the stories are useful to others.
[40]张檀琴   2010-9-12 18:59
亲爱的何老师: 我的专业是哲学,我非常想了解在美国的小学、中学和大学,如何传播哲学。 他们的教科书是什么样子。 或者说他们在公民教育阶段如何进行哲学、道德、政治方面的教育。我最关心的是他们使用的资料是什么样子。 如果您非常方便,请您写这方面的一些文章。 如果有批判方面的不便,您也可以通过邮件给我。 就算您对待一个初修行的学生。 此致 祝,礼
博主回复:Dear Yue, I appreciate your question which is rather open-ended. But I am the wrong person to provide an answer. I am at least 20 years removed from K-12 education since all my children have long graduated. Furthermore the US does not distingusih herself in this area ranking rather low in performance among deveopled nations.

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