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15 A single stable white fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles 2018-09-03
  Switchable single fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles for stable white-light generation Hong Wang , a   Peisheng Zhang , a   ...
14. Hepatocyte-targeting NO fluorescent sensor 2018-06-05
In vivo imaging of hepatocellular nitric oxide using a hepatocyte-targeting fluorescent sensor Peisheng Zhang *,  Yong Tian ,  Hui ...
13. Photoswitchable AIE-based H2S nanoprobe 2018-06-03
  Photoswitchable AIE nanoprobe for lysosomal hydrogen sulfide detection and reversible dual-color imaging Yongxiang Hong a , b ,&nb ...
12. CD-based ratiometric nanoprobe for cysteine detection 2018-06-03
Real-time monitoring of endogenous cysteine levels in living cells using a CD-based ratiometric fluorescent nanoprobe Hong Wang, Peisheng Z ...
11. Superior photoswitchable fluorescent polymer nanoparticl 2017-11-18
Photochromic RAFT reagent helps construct superior photoswitchable fluorescent polymer nanoparticles for rewritable fluorescence patterning and intr ...
10. AIE dots for visualization of endogenous H2S in lysosome 2017-11-18
Selective visualization of endogenous hydrogen sulfide in lysosomes using aggregation induced emission dots Peisheng Zhang , a   Yo ...
9. Two-photon fluorescent probe for lysosome-targetable HClO 2017-11-18
Two-photon fluorescent probe for lysosome-targetable hypochlorous acid detection within living cells Peisheng Zhanga,1, Hong Wanga,1, Di Zhang b, ...
8. Polymer micelles based ratiometric fluorescent probe 2017-11-18
Selective visualization of endogenous hypochlorous acid in zebrafish during lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver injury using a polymer micelles-b ...


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