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[转载]Criticize the Big-bang Cosmology by Prof. HUANG Zhi-Xu

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Criticize the Big-bang Cosmology


(Communication University of China,Beijing 100024)

                                                         E-mail: huangzhixun@gmail.com

Abstract: the big-bang cosmogony was based onthe Hubble’s astro-observation, he discovered that the remote celestial bodiesare leaving far from us. It is the Hubble’s theory of expanding cosmography.But this theory lacks sufficient proof, then it should be a product ofsubjective idealism. Another important argument of the theory of explodedcosmogony is that measurement data on microwave background radiation, but thedata can’t indicate that the  temperatureof microwave background radiation should be the result of once exploding. It isnever the spread ember at once exploding of an original celestrial body.According to the definity of cosmos, people can’t say “the age of cosmos”,because we only can say “the age of earth”, “the age of solar system” and “theage of star system”; etc. Then, we are against these absurd views of big-bang cosmologycategorically, because such theoretical system is full of flaws that bothscience and philosophy all can’t hold.

Although it seems that the universe isriddled with in explicable forces, the theory of dark matter and dark energyjust are two hypothesises. Another hypothesis is the exist of gravitationalwaves, it is just an estimate, but the actual situation might be different. Thevelocity of gravity in Newton’suniversal law is infinite, but the gravity propagation speed and the velocityof gravitational waves in Einstein’s theory are the light speed . The General relativity(GR) explains these features by suggestingthat gravitation (unlike electromagnetic forces) is a pure geometric effect ofcurved space-timenot a forceof nature that propagatesMoreovernow different gravity models need to beconsideredFor exampleif gravity is once again taken to be apropagating force of nature in flat space-time with the propagation speedindicated by observational evidence and experimentsnot less than 2×1010(is the speed of light in vacuum)Although faster-than-light force propagationspeeds do violate Einstein’s Special relativity(SR)theyare in accord with Lorentzian relativity(LR)

When a USteam of cosmologists announced at a press conference in March 2014 that theyhad detected gravitationalwaves generated in the first instants after the big-bangtheorigins of the universe were once again major newsAccordingto the team at the BICEP2 South Pole telescopetheresults were hailed as proof the big bang inflationary theory and its progeny, themultiverse. Nobel prizes were predicted. The BICEP2 teamidentified a twisty (B-mode) pattern in its maps of polarization of the cosmic microwavebackgroundconcludingthat this was a detection of primordial gravitational wavesBut in later months, a careful reanalysis byscientists at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study also inPrincetonhasconcluded that the BICEP2 B-mode pattern could be the result mostly or entirelyof foreground effects without any contribution from gravitational wavesThe sudden reversal should make the scientificcommunity contemplate the implications for the future of cosmologyexperimentation and theoryTheBICEP2 incident has also revealed a truth about inflationary theoryIt is clear that the inflationary paradigmis fundamentally untestableandhence scientifically meaningless

Key words: big-bang cosmologyHubble’s red shifts; microwavebackground radiation; dark energy; gravitational waves; inflationary theory





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