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[转载]一些做科研用的网址(2020年07月22日更新) 2020-08-02
I.  英文文献下载地址 以下 4 个网址可使用 DOI 或文献名称免费下载全文 1. http://sci ...
[转载]How to handle rejection in your professional life 2020-08-02
I have received a lot of noes in my life. In elementary school, I wasn’t selected for the safety patrol team. In middle school, I was told I couldn ...
[转载]Don’t let academia consume you 2020-08-02
Academia has been called many unflattering things: overpriced, top-heavy, bloated, unnecessary, irrelevant, a scam, toxic, broken, pointless, a pyra ...
[转载]疫情中全球在线教育试验有什么启示? 2020-08-02
疫情中全球在线教育试验有什么启示? 王元丰 中国发展战略学研究会副理事长、北京交通大学教授         &n ...
[转载]图规整的NMF:Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 2020-08-02
Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation Deng Cai ; Xiaofei He ; Jiawei Han ; Thomas S. Huang IEEE Transactio ...
[转载]黏土膨胀/收缩与离子分配耦合机制获揭示 2020-08-02
中国科学院广州地球化学研究所特任研究员陈锰、博士研究生周慧君等通过研究,揭示了黏土膨胀/收缩与离子分配的耦合机制。相关研究7月14日在线发表于《地球化学 ...


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