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Last deglacial pollen record from eastern Tibetan Plateau 2020-05-07
Pollen record of climate change during the last deglaciation from the eastern Tibetan Plateau   Shi Wei (时伟), Jiang Hanchao (蒋 ...
A continuous 13.3-ka record of seismogenic dust events 2017-11-20
A continuous 13.3-ka record of seismogenic dust event s in lacustrine sediments in the eastern Tibetan Plateau Hanchao Jiang ( ...
A 20 Ma grain-size record of temperature-controlled EAWM 2017-10-20
End-member modeling of the grain-size record of Sikouzi fine sediments in Ningxia (China) and implications for temperature control of Neogene evolu ...
Zircon dating from the eastern TP and Sichuan Basin 2017-06-08
Influence of a tectonically active mountain belt on its foreland basin: Evidence from detrital zircon dating of bedrocks and sediments from the eas ...
Postglacial SSD structure in the Lixian lacustrine sediments 2016-07-03
Soft sediment deforma tion structures in the Lixian lacustrine sediments, Eastern Tibetan Plateau and implications for postglacial seismi ...
四川岷江上游滑坡触发因素分析 2016-07-03
四川岷江上游滑坡触发因素分析 李艳豪,蒋汉朝*,徐红艳,梁莲姬       以高山峡谷为地貌特征的岷江上游地区人口密集,在 ...
我国末次冰消期古气候时空演化特征初探 2016-01-23
我国末次冰消期古气候时空演化特征初探 毛雪,蒋汉朝,杨桂芳,徐红艳        为探讨我国末次冰消期古气候时空演化特 ...
Windblown origin of the Beijing lacustrine sediments 2016-01-23
Geochemical evidence of windblown origin of the Late Cenozoic lacustrine sediments in Beijing and implications for weathering and climate c ...


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