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GPS Toolbox website:


Android apps (open-source)

  • GPSTest (Google PlayF-DroidSource code) - Supports dual-frequency GNSS for GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BeiDou/COMPASS, Galileo, IRNSS, as well as various SBAS systems. Supports measuring accuracy using a ground truth location and file logging for NMEA, raw measurements, navigation messages, and location data. Logs are compatible with Google's GPS Measurement Tools suite to visualize data.

  • GNSS Compare (Google PlayDocumentationSource code) - Supporting calculating positions from raw measurements for GPS and Galileo. Beta support for dual-frequency.

  • Sat Stat (F-DroidSource code) - Android Location, Sensor and Radio Network Status.

  • GNSSLogger (Source code) - Log raw measurements for visualization in Google's GPS Measurement Tools suite.

  • RTKGPS+ (Google Play) - Android frontend of RTKLIB.

iOS apps (open-source)

  • Overland-iOS (App StoreSource code) - An experiment at gathering data from an iPhone to test the Core Location API and its various settings.

  • Open GPX Tracker (App StoreSource code) - Open source GPX tracker app written in Swift.

Desktop tools

  • Google's GPS Measurement Tools suite (DownloadSource code) - Desktop companion app for GNSSLogger to visualize and analyze raw measurements. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • EGNOS Toolkit (DownloadSource code)- A set of tools to work with Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), specially EGNOS. Support Linux.

  • GNSS-SDR (DownloadSource code) - An open source GNSS software defined receiver. Supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • RTKLIB (DownloadSource code) - An Open Source Program Package for GNSS Positioning. Has a companion Android app RTKGPS+. Supports Windows.

  • RNXCMP (Download) - Open source software for Hatanaka compression/restoration of RINEX observation files.

  • GPSTk (DownloadSource code) - C++ open source library and a suite of applications for GPS processing problems.

  • gLAB Lab (Download) - Performs precise modeling of GNSS observables (pseudorange and carrier phase) at the centimetre level, allowing both standalone GPS positioning and PPP. Supports RINEX-3.00, SP3, ANTEX and SINEX, as well as GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. Developed under an European Space Agency (ESA) contract by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). Free to download but not open-source.

  • teqc (Download) - Translation, editing, and quality check of GNSS data in native and in RINEX/BINEX formats. Free to download but not open-source.

  • BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) (Download) - BNC is an open-source multi-stream client designed for a variety of real-time GNSS applications. It was primarily designed for receiving data streams from any Ntrip supporting Broadcaster. It can compute a real-time Precise Point Positioning (PPP) solution from RTCM streams or RINEX files.

Web tools (proprietary)

  • Jason Positioning-as-a-Service - Upload GNSS data (e.g., RINEX, u-blox files, GNSS logger files) and process it using Post-processing Kinematic (PPK) strategy. Automatically picks a nearby reference receiver. Currently free in beta, but will become a paid service with a free tier for evaluation and low-volume usage.

  • GNSS-Radar - GNSS coverage simulator over time for any given location.

Social media

  • IGS - International GNSS Service.

  • GSA - European GNSS Agency.

  • GNSS Status - GNSS satellites updated status.


  • rtklibexplorer - Using RTKLIB for precise positioning with low-cost GNSS receivers.

  • BlackDotGNSS - Technical discussions related to GNSS data processing.


  • Navipedia by ESA - An online reference for GNSS systems and data processing.



Academic peer-reviewed publications


  • GNSS Data Processing books by UPC/gAGE - Theory and exercises to learn GNSS data processing (e.g., range modelling, navigation equations, Kalman filter)




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