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老二困境,天命如此 ​- 唐纳德·特朗普白宫首席战略家

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老二困境,天命如此 - 唐纳德·特朗普白宫首席战略家


Stephen K. Bannon, Donald Trump White House Chief Strategist, backed to his own strarting place battle field, just like taking a dreaming ride of drawing a circle.  Yes, it  had not been Bannon, that might have never been President Trump - Trump knew that very well - vice versa - Bannon knew that as well. That's their fate to separate from each other, departing to their different way after their path came across for the election.
Chinese history shows that two ways: 1) you can live your own life, staying within your own circle of family, then flipping through the world to locate your own ideal spot of helping (修身治家下平天下); and 2) you sacrifice for the world, working on your idealism (先天下忧而后忧,后天下之乐而乐). Quite a few can do well both family and idealism. Trump has done that; however, Bannon didn't - he married three times, but all end up being divorced - being alone now single devoted for his idealism。自古军师少有善终 - 老二困境,天命如此.

唐纳德·特朗普白宫首席战略家斯蒂芬·班农(Stephen K. Bannon)支持他自己的战场,就像一个画一个圆圈的梦想。是的,没有Bannon,这可能从来没有是特朗普总统 - 特朗普很清楚,反之亦然 - 班农也知道。这是他们的命运,彼此分离,在他们的选举路径走过之后,以不同的方式离开。
中国历史表明了两种方式:1)你可以过自己的生活,留在自己的家庭圈内,然后翻遍世界,找到自己理想的帮助地点(修身治家下平天下);和2)你为世界献祭,从事你的理想主义(先天下忧而后忧,后天下之乐而乐)。很多人可以做到家庭和理想主义。特朗普已经做到了但是,班农没有 - 他结婚了三次,但是所有的离婚都是独自一人为自己的理想主义。

自古军师少有善终 - 老二困境,天命如此。 修身治家平天下: 修身 --> 治家 --> 平天下, 谈何易?有些人, 终其一生也"修"不出"身"来, 所以历史说"忠" "孝"不能 两全。人生,常必二者选其一, 原愿赌服输, 不枉此生。

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