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Have you ever struggled to write up your results into a publishable paper only to get it rejected? Richard Threlfall, Managing Editor, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, gives some insider tips on how to improve each section of your article and increase your chances of getting published.

写了一篇好文章却没得到发表,你有过这种痛苦经历吗?Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry总编辑Richard Threlfall通过解析论文各部分应注意的问题,来帮助作者更好地投稿。第二部分:标题。


We're going to start right at the top with the title of your manuscript!

The title of a paper is important because it is one of the first things that an editor/reviewer/reader sees when they look at your manuscript. Therefore, it is important to grab their attention right away and give them an idea of why your paper is a scientific breakthrough! Be specific, not too technical, and concise.论文标题很重要,因为这是编辑、审稿人以及读者看文章时最先看到的部分。因此,一定要第一时间抓住他们的眼球,并且告诉他们你的论文有何突破。要简洁而具体,不能太曲高喝寡。

The other thing to consider is that internet and scientific search tools often search by manuscript title, so if you want to get your paper read and cited, it is important to get some of the key aspects of the research into the title. A good tip is to think which search terms you would use to find your own paper through a web search.另一方面要考虑的问题是一般学术搜索都是搜标题,所以如果希望自己的论文阅读和被引次数高一点,那就有必要将自己研究的关键部分放进标题。小提示:想想你在搜索自己论文时会用什么字段。

For a basic example, consider a (fictional) manuscript entitled "Effect of Metal Catalyst on the Outcome of Reactions with Aryl Alcohols".先看个例子,如果一篇论文标题是 "Effect of Metal Catalyst on the Outcome of Reactions with Aryl Alcohols".

What is the effect? Which metal? What reaction? What type of aryl alcohols? The editor/reviewer/reader get nothing but questions out of this title!有什么effect? 哪种metal?什么reaction?哪种aryl alcohols? 编辑、审稿人和读者从标题里什么都没读到,反而得到一堆问题!

Much better might be: "Ruthenium Trichloride is the Most Efficient Catalyst for C–H Activation with 2,4-Disubstituted Aryl Alcohols". 这个标题就好多了:"Ruthenium Trichloride is the Most Efficient Catalyst for C–H Activation with 2,4-Disubstituted Aryl Alcohols".

The editor/reviewer/reader immediately knows what the paper is about and will want to read more. Plus, someone who types in terms like "ruthenium", "C–H activation", or "2,4-disubstituted" into a search engine has a much higher chance of finding the second manuscript, but does not get any matches with the title of the first one.编辑、审稿人和读者一看就知道这篇文章写什么,会希望了解更多。如果有人用 "ruthenium", "C–H activation", 或是"2,4-disubstituted"来搜索文章,很大机会搜到的是第二篇。

Finally, avoid adding every detail from the paper into the title—the title shouldn't be confused with or replace an abstract. The most read and most cited articles often have short and simple titles.最后,千万别把什么细节都往标题里塞,标题可不能取代摘要。阅读和被引次数高的文章的标题往往都短小简单。








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