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Wiley “Next”系列OA旗舰期刊开始接收投稿!

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Wiley诚邀广大中国作者向两本新的开放获取旗舰期刊Genetics & Genomics Next Neuroscience Next投稿。两本期刊将发表最高质量、最具影响力和开创性的研究,同时接受开放的研究实践。它们将提供量身定制的编辑指导和透明的决策,继续引领Wiley推动开放科学的发展。

Wiley科研首席产品官Jay Flynn对此评论表示:“'Next'系列期刊展现出Wiley对研究人员和开放获取出版的关注和承诺。我们很高兴这两本期刊能进一步扩充我们不断增长的开放获取期刊阵容。”

“神经科学作为一门科学学科正在不断发展和扩展,” Neuroscience Next主编Min Cho表示。“我们寻找能够预测并开辟新研究领域的研究。” Neuroscience Next诚邀神经科学各个学科的文章包括各级神经系统的形成,功能或功能障碍的研究。期刊还关注将神经科学与生命和物理科学等其它学科相结合的研究。

此外,Genetics & Genomics Next主编Myles Axton表示:“遗传学和基因组学研究人员一直都在关注可重复的研究和数据,因为这些研究和数据是生命、健康和农业的基础。”Genetics & Genomics Next将发表最感兴趣、最有价值以及最具有前瞻性的文章和资源来促进这一领域的发展,为数据可重复利用提供信誉保障。

Genetics & Genomics Next编辑顾问委员会成员——牛津大学教授John A. Todd指出:“数据共享和开放科研是将常见和罕见疾病的遗传知识更快地转化为临床和药物研发的关键。”

Genetics & Genomics Next 和Neuroscience Next将是Wiley在探索激励和优化开放科学的最新尝试,它们将在研究内容和编辑过程中体现出透明度。为了优化这一进程,Wiley编辑将作出积极和客观的决策,与外部评审专家顾问密切合作,以求提供最好的作者服务。


Neuroscience Next

Wiley introduces Neuroscience Next, a premier gold Open Access journal as a conduit linking cutting-edge neuroscience research to a broad audience and specialists alike.  Neuroscience Next publishes new results and ideas in neuroscience that will inspire future research in others. Submissions will be nurtured in order to maximize a study’s impact and reach, and the Journal will lead and be guided by the fair and open practices of the day.



Genetics & Genomics Next

Genetics & Genomics Next is an Open Research journal from Wiley, published online using the CC BY 4.0 open attribution license to encourage maximum credit and rapid creative reuse of all scholarly work. We are delighted to receive original research Articles, Resources, Analysis and Perspectives in the areas of human, animal, plant and microbial genetics, genomics and epigenomics, selecting those reports for peer review that we judge editorially to have the highest research utility, ethical standards and societal impact. Expert peer reviewers will rapidly aid the authors to meet current community standards for reproducible research via our process of transparent peer review and editorial decision making. Referee credit is currently awarded via Publons. Data citation and a data availability declaration are mandatory. Author and dataset and consortium roles can be described via the CRediTcontributor taxonomy.  All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors, all with a PhD and extensive research experience.  The Advisory Board provides advice and guidance to the Journal's mission and practices.  The ultimate direction of the Journal is made by the in-house Editors and Wiley publishing.  




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