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Structural Design for Fire Safety

《消防安全结构设计 (第2版)》

Author(s): Andrew H. Buchanan,Anthony K. ABU

Publication Date: 2016/11/29


This book presents a comprehensive overview of structural fire engineering. An update on the first edition, the book describes new developments in the past ten years, including advanced calculation methods and computer programs. Further additions include: calculation methods for membrane action in floor slabs exposed to fires; a chapter on composite steel-concrete construction; and case studies of structural collapses.

The book begins with an introduction to fire safety in buildings, from fire growth and development to the devastating effects of severe fires on large building structures. Methods of calculating fire severity and fire resistance are then described in detail, together with both simple and advanced methods for assessing and designing for structural fire safety in buildings constructed from structural steel, reinforced concrete, or structural timber.

Structural Design for Fire Safety, 2nd edition bridges the information gap between fire safety engineers, structural engineers and building officials, and it will be useful for many others including architects, code writers, building designers, and firefighters.

Fire Effects on Ecosystems


Author(s): Leonard F. DeBano, Daniel G. Neary, Peter F. Ffolliott

Publication Date:1998/2/23


This book is a comprehensive exploration of the effects of fires--in forests and other environments--on soils, watersheds, vegetation, air and cultural resources.

The authors of the book-- Leonard F. DeBano is professor of watershed management, School of Renewable Natural Resources, University of Arizona. Peter F. Ffolliott is professor of watershed management, School of Renewable Natural Resources, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Fire Performance Analysis for Buildings

《建筑物防火性能分析 (第2版)》

Author(s): Robert W Fitzgerald, Brian J Meacham

Publication Date: 2017/3/1


This book is a significantly revised and updated new edition and has been completely restructured for a more focused fire performance understanding. The interaction of fire defenses with the fire products will be separated from the framework for performance analysis and risk management applications. Therefore, the physical performance of components along with their failure modes will become a more obvious basis for analysis. The reader will be able to understand each component and its performance as an entity. Integration will be described in the risk management section, rather than dispersed throughout the book. After describing the technical interactions of fire and fire defenses, Fire Performance Analysis for Buildings, 2nd Edition then goes on to structure a way of thinking using performance analysis. Therefore, deterministic behaviour that uses established techniques of analysis will be structured into a modular framework that can be adapted to any building. This way of thinking will demonstrate the integration of time related dynamic behaviour into performance evaluations. The final part of the book describes practical applications in fire safety design and risk management.


Fire Design Of Steel Structures:
 Ec1 - Actions On Structures 

Fire Phenomena And The Earth System - An Interdisciplinary Guide To Fire Science

Guidelines For Evaluating Process Plant Buildings For External Explosions, Fires, And Toxic Releases, Second Edition

An Introduction To Fire Dynamics 

Fires In Silos - Hazards,  Prevention, And Fire Fighting

Principles Of Fire Risk Assessment In Buildings

Fdny Crisis Counseling: Innovative Responses To 9/11 Firefighters,   Families, And Communities

Fundamentals Of Fire Phenomena

Evaluation Of Fire Safety

Industrial Fire Protection Engineering

Means Of Escape From Fire

Structural Design For Fire   Safety

Escape Fire:
 Designs For The   Future Of Health Care

Fire And Explosions - Recent Advances In Modelling And Analysis

Electrostatic Ignitions Of Fires And Explosions

Comprehensive Wellness For Firefighters: Fitness And Health Guide For Fire And Rescue Workers

Fire Law:
 The Liabilities And   Rights Of The Fire Service

Dow'S Fire & Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide, Seventh Edition  (Aiche Technical Manual)

Simplified Design For Building Fire Safety




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