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引用格式贾宝惠 邓婉怡 王毅强. 三层三级民机修理级别经济性分析模型的改进[J]. 航空学报, doi: 10.7527/S1000-6893.2019.23468.




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关键词:  经济性修理级别分析,  民机维修,  二进制粒子群算法, 人为因素成本,  混合惩罚函数                                                                                                    


The Improvement of an Civil Aircraft Economic Eveluation Model with Three-indenture and Three-echelon for Level of Repair Analysis 

Journal: Hangkong XuebaoActa Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica (Published on November, 20, 2019)

Abstract: Modular design is widely used in modern civil aircraft products,with multi-indenture characteristics, corresponding mainte-nance sites are also divided into multi-echelon maintenance levels. The existing repair level analysis model may have the problem of repeated accumulation of the cost of module and its internal packaging subunit when it is moved and discarded. In this paper, the following behavior matrix is introduced to mark the decisions made by the hierarchy constraints of the par-ent unit, which can effectively avoid the repeated calculation of the costs of the parent-unit and the child-unit. On this basis, the influence of human factors such as No Fault Found (NFF)  event and secondary maintenance on LORA's decision was considered when building the repair level analysis model suitable for civil aircraft, which reflects the estimated cost of deci-sion-making more truly than the existing model. It not only improves the credibility of the decision but also increases the applicability of the project. Finally, the mixed penalty function method is used to transform the original problem into an equivalent unconstrained optimization problem, An improved binary particle swarm optimization (BPSO) algorithm is used to simulate and optimize the three-indenture and three-echelon case with multi-fault mode. The results verify the rationality of the economic analysis model and the effectiveness of the algorithm.


Key words:   Economic repair level analysis,   Civil aircraft maintenance,    BPSO algorithm,                                         Human factor cost,     Mixed penalty function

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