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在电子储存环上探测理论预言的异常超高能电子出射现象 ——对扩展的爱因斯坦-洛伦兹质量公式的实验验证

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By detect the emission of abnormal ultra-high energy electronon the electron storage ring

to test the extended Einstein-Lorentz mass formula

Dapeng Qian 

Abstract: In a new version of the special relativity that absorbed the uncertainty principle, the Einstein-Lorentz mass formula proved to be a special case of a more universal equation. The new equation reveals out that there is a strange "high speed but low mass" effect in motion of particle. This effect will cause a generation of abnormal ultra-high energy electrons with a certain probability when an electron beam passes through an accelerating electric field. The author used the method of long-times accumulation detection to test it on the electron storage rings of the NSRL and BEPCII, the test results show that there are indeed the predicted ultra-high energy electrons emission at the downstream of RF cavity. To this end, it is suggested that particle physicists do more experiments to fully verify this previously unknown phenomenon and to further discover new physics.

Keywords: the extended Einstein-Lorentz mass formula, ultra-high energy electron, electronic storage ring, electromagnetic calorimeter.





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