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发表期刊:Solar RRL

论文题目:Inverted MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphdiyne Derivative‐Incorporated Electron Transport Layers Exceeding 20% Efficiency

论文作者:Jiangsheng Li, Ning Wang, Fuzhen Bi, Siqi Chen, Chengjie Zhao, Le Liu, Quantong Yao, Changshui Huang, Yurui Xue, Huibiao Liu, Tonggang Jiu

发表日期:October 15, 2019

论文摘要:, Tonggang Jiu and co‐workers introduce chlorine‐substituted graphdiyne into MAPbI‐based perovskite solar cells to produce a peak efficiency of 20.34% with suppressed J‐V hysteresis, which results from the interaction of derivated graphdiyne and PCBM, to be exact, four types of non‐covalent bonds. These findings suggest that derivated graphdiyne could have potential applications in solar cells and other photoelectric devices.


发表期刊:Solar RRL

论文题目:Deepening the Valance Band Edges of NiOx Contacts by Alkaline Earth Metal Doping for Efficient Perovskite Photovoltaics with High Open‐Circuit Voltage

论文作者:Bing Ge, Hong Wei Qiao, Ze Qing Lin, Zi Ren Zhou, Ai Ping Chen, Shuang Yang, Yu Hou, Hua Gui Yang

发表日期:August 12,2019

论文摘要:In article no. 1900192, Ai Ping Chen, Shuang Yang, Yu Hou, and co‐workers employ a versatile alkaline earth metals doping strategy to engineer the electronic structure of NiOx contacts for inverted planar perovskite solar cells, in which the champion device demonstrates a power conversion efficiency of 19.49% with a high open circuit voltage of 1.14 V. Alkaline earth metals doping can significantly optimize the electrical properties by deepening the valence band maximum and enhancing the hole conductivity.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Solid‐State Batteries: Sulfide‐Based Solid‐State Electrolytes: Synthesis, Stability, and Potential for All‐Solid‐State Batteries

论文作者:Qing Zhang, Daxian Cao, Yi Ma, Avi Natan, Peter Aurora, Hongli Zhu

发表日期:November 1, 2019

论文摘要:In article number 1901131, Peter Aurora, Hongli Zhu, and co‐workers comprehensively review the methodology, properties (structural and chemical), synthesis, and development of sulfide‐based all‐solid‐state lithium batteries (ASSBs), including the electrochemical and chemical stability of the solid‐state electrolytes (SSEs), potential methods for scalable manufacturing, and their applications in high‐performance and safe energy storage.


发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Lithium‐Ion Batteries: Glass‐Ceramic‐Like Vanadate Cathodes for High‐Rate Lithium‐Ion Batteries

论文作者:Yutong Li, Shitong Wang, Yanhao Dong, Yong Yang, Zhongtai Zhang, Zilong Tang

发表日期:January 28, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1903411, Shitong Wang, Yanhao Dong, Zilong Tang, and co‐workers demonstrate that glass‐ceramic vanadate cathodes can be easily obtained by fine tuning the heat treatment process, offering abundant internal boundaries that facilitate lithium‐ion diffusion and minimize side reactions. This simple strategy is general for other transition metal oxide hydrates for energy applications, especially when ionic diffusivity is problematic.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Electrode Materials: Interfacial Lattice‐Strain‐Driven Generation of Oxygen Vacancies in an Aerobic‐Annealed TiO2(B) Electrode

论文作者:Wei Zhang, Lingfeng Cai, Shengkai Cao, Liang Qiao, Yi Zeng, Zhiqiang Zhu, Zhisheng Lv, Huarong Xia, Lixiang Zhong, Hongwei Zhang, Xiang Ge, Jiaqi Wei, Shibo Xi, Yonghua Du, Shuzhou Li, Xiaodong Chen

发表日期:December 27, 2019

论文摘要:A new strategy for incorporating oxygen vacancies into electrodes under aerobic conditions is realized by Shuzhou Li, Xiaodong Chen, and co‐workers, as described in article number 1906156, by applying interfacial lattice strain via surface coating, using TiO2(B) as a model system. The obtained oxygen‐deficient electrode exhibits an impressively high level of capacitive charge storage and significantly enhanced rate capability.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials Interfaces

论文题目:Water Collection: 3D‐Printed Cactus‐Inspired Spine Structures for Highly Efficient Water Collection

论文作者:Xiangjia Li, Yang Yang, Luyang Liu, Yiyu Chen, Ming Chu, Haofan Sun, Weitong Shan, Yong Chen

发表日期:February 7, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1901752, Xiangjia Li, Yong Chen, and co‐workers demonstrate an energy‐efficient and environmentally friendly 3D printed water collection device by reproducing natural clusters of branched spines. 3D printing enables the water collection study of artificial spines in terms of wettability, geometric shape, number of branches, and their arrangements. The hexagonally arranged multibranched spines show promising properties in terms of water collection and transportation.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials Technologies

论文题目:Composite Lithium Anodes: A Review of Composite Lithium Metal Anode for Practical Applications

论文作者:Peng Shi, Xue‐Qiang Zhang, Xin Shen, Rui Zhang, He Liu, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:January 2020

论文摘要:The recent progresses of composite lithium anode, in terms of the material types, structures, and fabrications of composite anode, are reviewed in article number 1900806 by Qiang Zhang and co‐workers. The beautiful halo brought by the fusion of the two streams symbolizes the charm brought by the composite lithium anode in this cover. The perspectives of current challenges and further rational designs of composite lithium anode are presented aiming to bring new avenues for high‐energy‐density practical lithium batteries.





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