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发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Wearable Pseudocapacitors: Novel Sub‐5 nm Layered Niobium Phosphate Nanosheets for High‐Voltage, Cation‐Intercalation Typed Electrochemical Energy Storage in Wearable Pseudocapacitors 

论文作者:Zeyi Wu, Le Jiang, Wenchao Tian, Yanan Wang, Yingchang Jiang, Qinfen Gu, Linfeng Hu

发表日期:May 23, 2019

论文摘要:In article number 1900111, Linfeng Hu and co‐workers find that layered acid niobium phosphate (2NbOPO4·H3PO4·H2O) can be well crystallized into a two‐dimensional morphology with a typical layered crystal structure in a mild oxalic acid system. Unilamellar nanosheets are manufactured by a liquid‐exfoliation strategy from the bulk 2NbOPO4·H3PO4·H2O. This novel compound exhibits a wide potential window of 0–1.0 V in aqueous electrolyte (vs Ag/AgCl electrode) with a proton‐intercalation mechanism.​


发表期刊:ACS Energy Letters

论文题目:Hydrogen Peroxide Production from Solar Water Oxidation

论文作者:Jiali Liu, Yousheng Zou, Bingjun Jin, Kan Zhang, Jong Hyeok Park

发表日期:December 13, 2019​

论文摘要:Propelled by photovoltaic cell and electrolysis research, the photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting system has been tuned to produce a high-value-added product and be a competitive strategy for solar-to-fuel conversion. The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) produced by a two-electron pathway from water oxidation has recently been the focus of redesigned PEC technologies, which will be significant and important for unassisted PEC systems that use only light, water, and oxygen to simultaneously produce electricity and high-value-added H2O2 by redox coupling of H2O. Moreover, it is expected to increase the efficiency of solar water splitting through the H2O2 intermediate as it easily disproportionates to O2 and H2O. Here, we present our prospects for an exciting new direction for solar water oxidation through H2O2 production and a mechanism for guiding material design, which will provide a considerable possibility for the revitalization of PEC water splitting.


发表期刊:Chemistry - A European Journal

论文题目:Mapping the Magnetic Anisotropy at the Atomic Scale in Dysprosium Single‐Molecule Magnets

论文作者:Emil A. Klahn, Chen Gao, Beatrice Gillon, Arsen Gukasov, Xavier Fabrèges,  Ross O. Piltz, Shang‐Da Jiang, Jacob Overgaard

发表日期:November 7, 2018​

论文摘要:Magnetic anisotropy is fundamental for the existence of slow magnetic relaxation. In this work, we use polarized neutron single crystal diffraction to quantify the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility in two lanthanide‐based single‐molecule magnets. The central part of the image shows the orientation of the anisotropy relative to the molecule, with spin‐filtered incoming and diffracted polarized neutrons also shown. More information can be found in the Full Paper by S.‐D. Jiang, J. Overgaard, et al. on page 16576.


发表期刊:ACS Photonics

论文题目:Twisted-Angle-Dependent Optical Behaviors of Intralayer Excitons and Trions in WS2/WSe2 Heterostructure

论文作者:Jia Shi, Yuanzheng Li, Zhepeng Zhang, Weiqiang Feng, Qi Wang, Shuliang Ren, Jun Zhang, Wenna Du, Xianxin Wu, Xinyu Sui, Yang Mi, Rui Wang, Yuanhui Sun, Lijun Zhang, Xiaohui Qiu, Jiong Lu, Chao Shen, Yanfeng Zhang, Qing Zhang, Xinfeng Liu

发表日期:December 18, 2019

论文摘要:Understanding the formation and recombination dynamics between excitons and trions is critical for evaluating and improving the performance of two-dimensional material-based optoelectronic devices. Herein, we have investigated the competitive luminescence processes of intralayer excitons and trions in WS2/WSe2 heterostructures with different (0°, 30°, and 60°) twisted angles. We observed the increased photoluminescence (PL) ratio of trions compared to excitons in heterostructures with twisted angles of 30° and 60°. For a twisted angle of 30°, the relatively large PL ratio of trions is caused by the high probability of trion formation than that of excitons, while for a twisted angle of 60°, the ultrafast formation time of trions is the main reason for the trion-dominant proportion in the PL spectrum. Moreover, the power law between the excitation laser and the PL emission intensity reflects how the many-body effect affects the competition luminescence of excitons and trions. Our present results provide further understanding of the optical behaviors of intralayer excitons and trions in different twisted angle heterostructures.​


发表期刊:Nature Chemistry

论文题目:Designer DNA architecture offers precise and multivalent spatial pattern-recognition for viral sensing and inhibition

论文作者:Paul S. Kwon, Shaokang Ren, Seok-Joon Kwon, Megan E. Kizer, Lili Kuo, Mo Xie, Dan Zhu, Feng Zhou, Fuming Zhang, Domyoung Kim, Keith Fraser, Laura D. Kramer, Nadrian C. Seeman, Jonathan S. Dordick, Robert J. Linhardt, Jie Chao, Xing Wang

发表日期:January 2020

论文摘要:DNA, when folded into nanostructures with a specific shape, is capable of spacing and arranging binding sites into a complex geometric pattern with nanometre precision. Here we demonstrate a designer DNA nanostructure that can act as a template to display multiple binding motifs with precise spatial pattern-recognition properties, and that this approach can confer exceptional sensing and potent viral inhibitory capabilities. A star-shaped DNA architecture, carrying five molecular beacon-like motifs, was constructed to display ten dengue envelope protein domain III (ED3)-targeting aptamers into a two-dimensional pattern precisely matching the spatial arrangement of ED3 clusters on the dengue (DENV) viral surface. The resulting multivalent interactions provide high DENV-binding avidity. We show that this structure is a potent viral inhibitor and that it can act as a sensor by including a fluorescent output to report binding. Our molecular-platform design strategy could be adapted to detect and combat other disease-causing pathogens by generating the requisite ligand patterns on customized DNA nanoarchitectures.


发表期刊:Journal of Materials Chemistry A

论文题目:Endowing recyclability to anti-adhesion materials via designing physically crosslinked polyurethane

论文作者:Minhuan Liu, Danfeng Yu, Xiubin Xu, Hui Yang, Ian Wyman, Jinben Wang, Xu Wu

发表日期:October 28,2019

论文摘要:The existing principles regarding the design of anti-adhesion materials involving molecular thickness, crystallinity, thermosetting chemical crosslinking, sophisticated structures, and complex compositions significantly restrict the recyclability of these functional materials. Herein, we report a homogeneous thermoplastic film generated from a physically crosslinked linear polyurethane that exhibits anti-adhesion performance against water and various oily liquids, while exhibiting facile recyclability via dissolution in selective solvents or under slight heating, and these treatments could also heal the material if it became damaged. Moreover, the film exhibits a maximal fracture strain exceeding 1570% with a tensile strength of over 5.66 MPa, high optical transparency with a transmittance exceeding 98.5% at a thickness of 0.5 mm, and it can bond strongly to various kinds of substrates. Due to the convenient preparation and excellent recyclability of this novel anti-adhesion polymer-based material, it may have significant potential for numerous applications. In addition, this work may ultimately allow researchers to endow various other anti-adhesion materials with facile recyclability, thus improving resource utilization and abating environmental pollution.




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