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发表期刊:ACS applied materials interface

论文题目:Suppression of Monoclinic Phase Transitions of O3-Type Cathodes Based on Electronic Delocalization for Na-Ion Batteries

论文作者:Hu-Rong Yao, Wei-Jun Lv, Ya-Xia Yin, Huan Ye, Xiong-Wei Wu, Yi Wang, Yue Gong, Qinghao Li, Xiqian Yu, Lin Gu, Zhigao Huang, Yu-Guo Guo

发表日期:June 26, 2019

论文摘要:As high capacity cathodes, O3-type Na-based oxides always suffer from a series of monoclinic transitions upon sodiation/desodiation, mainly caused by Na+/vacancy ordering and Jahn–Teller (J−T) distortion, leading to rapid structural degradation and serious performance fading. Herein, a simple modulation strategy is proposed to address this issue based on refrainment of electron localization in expectation to alleviate the charge ordering and change of electronic structure, which always lead to Na+/vacancy ordering and J–T distortion, respectively. According to density functional theory calculations, Fe3+with slightly larger radius is introduced into NaNi0.5Mn0.5O2 with the intention of enlarging transition metal layers and facilitating electronic delocalization. The obtained NaFe0.3Ni0.35Mn0.35O2 exhibits a reversible phase transition of O3hex–P3hexwithout any monoclinic transitions in striking contrast with the complicated phase transitions (O3hex–O′3mon–P3hex–P′3mon–P3′hex) of NaNi0.5Mn0.5O2, thus excellently improving the capacity retention with a high rate kinetic. In addition, the strategy is also effective to enhance the air stability, proved by direct observation of atomic-scale ABF-STEM for the first time.


发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie

论文题目:4.5 V High‐Voltage Rechargeable Batteries Enabled by the Reduction of Polarization on the Lithium Metal Anode

论文作者:Chong Yan, Rui Xu, Jin‐Lei Qin, Hong Yuan, Ye Xiao, Lei Xu, Jia‐Qi Huang

发表日期:September 17, 2019

论文摘要:The interface plays a critical role in the electrochemical performance of batteries. In their Communication (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201908874), J.‐Q. Huang and co‐workers describe the interfacial behavior of the quasi‐solid‐state electrolyte layer Li3OCl with a three‐electrode setup. The electrolyte interface can remarkably reduce the over‐potential of the lithium anode and inhibit solvent decomposition, significantly extending the service life of high‐voltage (4.5 V) lithium metal batteries.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Encoded Microneedles: Encoded Microneedle Arrays for Detection of Skin Interstitial Fluid Biomarkers

论文作者:Xiaoxuan Zhang, Guopu Chen, Feika Bian, Lijun Cai, Yuanjin Zhao

发表日期:September 13, 2019

论文摘要:In article number 1902825, Yuanjin Zhao and co‐workers present encoded microneedle arrays (MNs) integrating photonic crystal (PhC) barcodes for multiplex specific detection of skin interstitial fluid biomarkers. In the skin interstitial fluid, where various biomarkers disperse, only specific biomarkers are attracted and enriched by the encoded microneedles. These biomarkers can be distinguished by reflection peaks of the barcodes and their relative content can be read out through the fluorescence intensity. The specificity, multiplicity, efficiency, and biosafety make the encoded microneedles ideal in many biomedical areas.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Hollow Nanostructures

论文作者:Wan Jia Wei

发表日期:September 20, 2019

论文摘要:Hollow structures are of great vitality in scientific research. Just as the sun is the source of the growth of all living things, hollow structures have endowed materials with outstanding properties in various applications, such as photocatalysis, drug delivery, energy storage, absorption of electromagnetic waves, and so on. Hollow structures are sure to bring more surprises in the future.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Sequential Templating Approach: Sequential Templating Approach: A Groundbreaking Strategy to Create Hollow Multishelled Structures

论文作者:Dan Mao, Jiawei Wan, Jiangyan Wang, Dan Wang

发表日期:September 20, 2019

论文摘要:Great amounts of hollow multishelled structures (HoMSs) have been designed by the sequential templating approach (STA), analogous to the Big Bang generating the universe. By using STA, as discussed by Dan Wang and co‐workers in article number 1802874, accurate control over the composition and geometric parameters of HoMSs can be achieved, including morphology, shell number, shell thickness, inter‐shell space, grain size, and porosity.





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