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论文题目:Mesoporous and Skeletal Molybdenum Carbide for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction: Diatomite-Type Structure and Formation Mechanism

论文作者:Yangxia Wang, Zhangping Shi, Qijie Mo, Boxu Gao, Bolun Liu, Lei Wang, Yahong Zhang, Qingsheng Gao, Yi Tang

发表日期:7 August,2017

论文摘要:The Front Cover picture shows a mesoporous and skeletal molybdenum carbide composed of Mo2C–MoC for an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction. More information can be found in the Article by Y. Wang et al.

发表期刊:Science Chine Materials

论文题目:Microfluidic generation of Buddha beads-like microcarriers for cell culture

论文作者:Jie Wang, Minhan Zou, Lingyu Sun, Yao Cheng, Luoran Shang, Fanfan Fu, Yuanjin Zhao

发表日期:30 August,2017

论文摘要:The fabrication of functional microcarriers capable of achieving in vivo-like three-dimensional cell culture is important for many tissue engineering applications. Here, inspired by the structure of Buddha beads, which are generally composed of moveable beads strung on a rope, we present novel cell microcarriers with controllable macropores and heterogeneous microstructures by using a capillary array microfluidic technology. Microfibers with a string of moveable and releasable microcarriers could be achieved by an immediate gelation reaction of sodium alginate spinning and subsequent polymerization of cell-dispersed gelatin methacrylate emulsification. The sizes of the microcarriers and their inner macropores could be well tailored by adjusting the flow rates of the microfluidic phases; this was of great importance in guaranteeing a sufficient supply of nutrients during cell culture. In addition, by infusing multiple cell-dispersed pregel solutions into the capillaries, the microcarriers with spatially heterogeneous cell encapsulations for mimicking physiological structures and functions could also be achieved.

发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Organic Gas Sensors: An Ultrasensitive Organic Semiconductor NO2 Sensor Based on Crystalline TIPS-Pentacene Films

论文作者:Zi Wang, Lizhen Huang, Xiaofei Zhu, Xu Zhou, Lifeng Chi

发表日期:6 October,2017

论文摘要:An ultrasensitive NO2 sensor based on crystalline TIPS–pentacene films is achieved by Lifeng Chi and co-workers in article number 1703192, which has a sensitivity of more than 1000% per ppm, a fast response/recovery time, good reproducibility, and selectivity. The relationship between ultrahigh performance and film charge transport is studied and the films' low original carrier concentration and efficient charge-transport ability are demonstrated to be key factors for the high performance.

发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Solar Cells: Improving Interfacial Charge Recombination in Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Photovoltaics with Small Molecule as Electron Transport Layer

论文作者:Ning Wang, Kexiang Zhao, Tao Ding, Wenbo Liu, Ali Said Ahmed, Zongrui Wang, Miaomiao Tian, Xiao Wei Sun, Qichun Zhang

发表日期:20 September,2017

论文摘要:In article number 1700522, Xiao Wei Sun, Qichun Zhang, and co-workers report the design and synthesis of a new n-type small molecule with a sulfur-containing structure. Employing this small molecule as electron transport layer (ETL), highefficiency planar perovskite solar cells up to 18.1% are realized. This superior performance is mainly due to effective suppression of charge recombination at the perovskite/ETL interface.

发表期刊:Polymer Chemistry

论文题目:A water-soluble phosphorescent conjugated polymer brush for tumor-targeted photodynamic therapy

论文作者:Pengfei Sun, Gaina Wang, Huanzhi Hou,Pengcheng Yuan, Weixing Deng, Chao Wang, Xiaomei Lu, Quli Fan, Wei Huang

发表日期:29 August,2017

论文摘要:Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has become a promising treatment approach against cancer due to low side effects and high therapeutic efficacy. However, the limitations of photosensitizers such as poor water solubility and lack of targeting ability hindered the clinical application of PDT. Here, we synthesized a phosphorescent conjugated polymer brush (PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal)) in which a small photosensitizer iridium(III) complex was covalently attached to the conjugated backbone. A further hydrophilic polymer (POEGMA) and glycopolymer polygalactose (PGal), which has a specific binding ability with Hep G2 tumors, were grafted from the conjugated backbone via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and click reaction. The brush structure rendered PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal) exhibited excellent water solubility. Meanwhile, PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal) showed efficient properties of producing singlet oxygen. The photodynamic effect of the PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal) photosensitizer was evaluated in Hep G2 cells via the MTT assay and flow cytometry and the results indicated that this photosensitizer can efficiently cause the death of cancer cells. Additionally, an antitumor study of PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal) was conducted in vivo with Hep G2 tumor bearing nude mice, and the results show that the xenograft tumors were significantly inhibited. In summary, PPF-Ir-g-(POEGMA-b-PGal) exhibited fine water solubility and high PDT efficiency both in vitro and in vivo. Our study may further encourage the applications of conjugated polymer brush based photosensitizers for PDT in tumor treatment.


论文题目:The design of a mechanical wave-like DNA nanomachine for the fabrication of a programmable and multifunctional molecular device

论文作者:Xiaoli Zhu, Xiaoxia Chen, Fangfang Ban, Ya Cao, Jing Zhao, Guifang Chen, Genxi Li

发表日期:10 August,2017

论文摘要:We report a novel mechanical wave-like DNA nanomachine. A successive stem-loop structure is involved, which will rearrange successively from one side to the opposite side upon binding with an input activator just like the motion of a mechanical wave, and thereby achieving diverse functions.


论文题目:A super flexible and custom-shaped graphene heater

论文作者:Tian-Yu Zhang, Hai-Ming Zhao, Dan-Yang Wang, Qian Wang, Yu Pang, Ning-Qin Deng, Hui-Wen Cao, Yi Yang, Tian-Ling Ren

发表日期:30 June,2017

论文摘要:In this paper, we fabricate a graphene film heater through laser reduction on graphene oxide, which is a two-step process. The electrothermal performance of the graphene heater can be adjusted by the laser energy density. While the applied voltage is 18 V, the graphene heater reaches a steady-state temperature of 247.3 °C within 20 s. After the graphene heater is folded in half 100 times, its output temperature remains to be precisely controlled by the input power and the temperature distribution is uniform. In addition, the flexibility of the graphene heater is superior to a heater based on a commercial indium tin oxide film. It's worth noting that the graphene heater can be fabricated with desired shapes directly and easily, which is rare among the reported film heaters. In consideration of the high performance of the graphene film heater, we demonstrate its three application scenarios: portable warmers applied in medical infusion apparatus, flexible custom-shaped heaters for special requirements and displays.

发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Nanochannels: A 1D Vanadium Dioxide Nanochannel Constructed via Electric-Field-Induced Ion Transport and its Superior Metal–Insulator Transition

论文作者:Wuhong Xue, Gang Liu, Zhicheng Zhong, Yuehua Dai, Jie Shang, Yiwei Liu, Huali Yang, Xiaohui Yi, Hongwei Tan, Liang Pan, Shuang Gao, Jun Ding, Xiao-Hong Xu, Run-Wei Li

发表日期:13 October,2017

论文摘要:Nanoscale manipulation of materials' properties offers the clear possibility of developing novel electronic devices. In article number 1702162, Gang Liu, Xiao-Hong Xu, Run-Wei Li, and co-workers present the construction of 1D VO2 nanochannels via electric-field-induced ion transport, showing a superior metal–insulator transition with fast speed, low power, and excellent reproducibility. The VO2 nanostructure acts as promising candidate for the selector element in high-density crossbar memory arrays.




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