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论文题目:A super flexible and custom-shaped graphene heater

论文作者:Tian-Yu Zhang, Hai-Ming Zhao, Dan-Yang Wang, Qian Wang, Yu Pang, Ning-Qin Deng, Hui-Wen Cao, Yi Yang, Tian-Ling Ren

发表日期:30 June,2017

论文摘要:In this paper, we fabricate a graphene film heater through laser reduction on graphene oxide, which is a two-step process. The electrothermal performance of the graphene heater can be adjusted by the laser energy density. While the applied voltage is 18 V, the graphene heater reaches a steady-state temperature of 247.3 °C within 20 s. After the graphene heater is folded in half 100 times, its output temperature remains to be precisely controlled by the input power and the temperature distribution is uniform. In addition, the flexibility of the graphene heater is superior to a heater based on a commercial indium tin oxide film. It's worth noting that the graphene heater can be fabricated with desired shapes directly and easily, which is rare among the reported film heaters. In consideration of the high performance of the graphene film heater, we demonstrate its three application scenarios: portable warmers applied in medical infusion apparatus, flexible custom-shaped heaters for special requirements and displays.

发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Nanochannels: A 1D Vanadium Dioxide Nanochannel Constructed via Electric-Field-Induced Ion Transport and its Superior Metal–Insulator Transition

论文作者:Wuhong Xue, Gang Liu, Zhicheng Zhong, Yuehua Dai, Jie Shang, Yiwei Liu, Huali Yang, Xiaohui Yi, Hongwei Tan, Liang Pan, Shuang Gao, Jun Ding, Xiao-Hong Xu, Run-Wei Li

发表日期:13 October,2017

论文摘要:Nanoscale manipulation of materials' properties offers the clear possibility of developing novel electronic devices. In article number 1702162, Gang Liu, Xiao-Hong Xu, Run-Wei Li, and co-workers present the construction of 1D VO2 nanochannels via electric-field-induced ion transport, showing a superior metal–insulator transition with fast speed, low power, and excellent reproducibility. The VO2 nanostructure acts as promising candidate for the selector element in high-density crossbar memory arrays.




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