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Merry Christmas

<A gift to English club of Pharmaron>

Learning English is a long term stuff, which needs parctice with a kind of foreign environment. It concerns only to you, not the others. DON'T BE SHY, JUST TRY.

All the salons in the English club (EC) of Pharmaron,seasons in 2015, were over yesterday, it was a fantastic experience to talkwith J Geoffrey Lahn and all the friends here. It was really a pity that Icould not stay with you guys from the beginning to the end, I know that Imissed tons of happiness and friendship there.

Christmas is coming, lots of gifts and blessing takes allthe places of the moment of my WeChat, but none of them is interesting, no onegave me the real feeling of Christmas, neither fish, nor fowl. Especially weknow that which kinds of the gift is the best, and which is one is the worstfrom the last class yesterday.

So, here I am, try to give you guys a “HANDMADE” gift.

So far as I know, EC was born in the middle of 2014,before I joined Pharmaron, established by Destiny and Edmond (HR), from freetalk to classes, then we have an active and attractive Vinny in Sept., who camebefore Jeff, there were almost 60 members of its 2014 peak. The members werefrom different departments, Chemistry, CADD, Pharmacology, Biology, ADMET, HR,Management, IT, Finance and so on. Not only the senior leaders, or the freshcolleagues, we communicated equally and freely.

We have different types of activities, such as the stories,shares and presentations with or w/o media during Free Talk, especially theguests from Pharmaron senior leader team, VPs and Directors, they shared their > 10 yrs foreign experience abroad and the tips to learn English well; And comprehensivetopics chosen either by English training center, HR dept. or the EC members,then we talk with our English teacher; Also we have the most excited outdooractivities, delicious food, interesting games and lots of fun. We tried,searched and discussed to find a better way to have fun, to learn and topractice.


Jan. 2015

This time, we feel honored to invite Dr. Bai to share with us some methods to learn English, the mostimportant experience he told us was to “Be thick-skinned and speak up”, whichis consistent with our slogan “Do not be shy, just try”.

The feature of level fiveleaders, by Edmond

Do you know “level five leaders”? Do you know which levelis suitable for you and how to get to the higher level in your life? Edmondshared some experience from his side. Level 5 leaders blend the paradoxicalcombination of deep personal humility with intense professional will. They aretimid and ferocious, shy and fearless. They are really unstoppable. Meantime,they are very aggressive, but their ambition is not for themselves but all forthe companies. At last, Edmond gave us two examples of level five leader:Xiaoping Deng and Darwin Smith, CEO of Kimberly Clark who reach that level bylearning all the time, practise often and insist on good humality and strongwill.

 Smile, by Cindy

A way to live with happiness in your life is to smile asintroduced by Cindy. BTW, do you smile today? You really should konw that whenyou smile a rainbow fills the sky, a light shines your eyes; When you smile,although you don't say any word, you can understand each other. Cindy also toldus whatever you smile or sad, things go and can be dissolved.In fact, smile isa difficult job. It seems very difficult for you to smile when you are sad.Don't be afraid. Make up your mind to try once, only once, and you will findthat you are much better in heart. Smile is amazing, it can make us attactive,chang our mood, relieve stress, boost your immune system, low your bloodpressure, lift the face and makeyou look younger and succesful.

Brief introduction of someholidays in western, by Lucas

What’s more in EC, Lucas gave us a history of thefestivals/holidays in Western countries: Christmas, Valentine's Day,Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day. Lucas said actually Christmas is two part:Christmas eve and Christmas. Do you know that Chritsmas is “Christ Mass”, akind of church service? The origin of Christmas is controversial, Jesus’birthday may not be Dec. 25, most of customs and traditions of Christmasactually predate the birth of Jesus; On Valentine's Day you should know themeaning of the number of rose flowers, do not make a mistake for your lover!Thanksgiving is most truly American Holiday, initiated by first settlers ofUSA,followed by Canadian which was started from 1621. If you want konw themeaning of every single character in the word “MOTHER”, just go and ask Lucas.

Short introduction of CRO, by TJ

In the end, TJ introduced some contents of CRO as hepromised. Short 30 years, we get the biggest CRO company, Quintiles, in theworld; Even short 11 years, we get one biggest CRO company in the north ofChina, Pharmaron. CRO is short for “Contract Research Organization”, alsocalled a “Clinical Research Organization”. The filed in CRO is huge, includingBiopharmaceutical development, biologic assay development, commercialization,preclinical research, clinical research, clinical trials management, andpharmacovigilance. CROs also support foundations, research institutions, anduniversities, in addition to governmental organizations. Besides, TJ introducedsome famous corporations, such as Covance, PAREXEL, PPD, and Charles River andso on. We also discussed how the CRO companies will go and what can we do inthis amazing field. Naturally, you should read everything you can get yourhands on about what you currently doing, you will find your way/position in CROfield.


Dr. Xuehong Luo to share his experience in Canada withus, as he said there is no short way to improve our oral English but topractice, practice and practice. When you work/live in a foreign country, youhave to speak English since nobody will understand Chinese. At the beginning,everybody make mistakes, with words, grammars, or etiquette, but we get morefrom those mistakes. So, it’s a good opportunity to listen and say English inEC, do not be afraid, show your confidence, dare to speak, dare to do, dare tobe yourself as Edmond said as well.

Air pollution, by Maximus

As we can feel that the air quality has become worse andworse, not only here, in Beijing, but his hometown, Shijiazhuang, and manyother cities in China as well. What’s more, Air pollution is a reality that maylast for a long time, so how can we face it? Max told us that even though PM2.5is much higher in some places, there are still more cities with good airquality, such as Tingdao, Sanya, Tibet and Bashang. We can be an ostrich, don’tnotice air pollution every day, never let it make you upset, and take care ofourselves and our families.

Where your salary been? by Lynn

The salary is a hot topic in our lives, it’s really a bigdeal to care about it, but why the money is always gone at the end of a month? Where has our salary been? Lynn made an investigation and gave us some analysisand suggestions. We need money to maintain our normal life, such as rent,mortgage and traffic expense, we also need to give some back to our parents,and save some in the bank. Besides, we have fun, do exercises, we travel whichcost her much the end Lynn suggested us to make a bookkeeping, stayat home more with family instead of outdoor activities, then enjoy the money,enjoy the life.

A magic molecule, by Johnson

There is a molecule can make you happy as an angle, sadas in evil, and it’s related with a terrible Parkinson disease. Yes, you mightknow that, as Johnson told us it is Dopamine, a.k.a. 3,4 dihydroxyphenethylamine. Then he introduced some basic knowledge about it,and it’s as a neurotransmitter, which is produced in several area of the brain.Increase of dopamine release makes one happy and may cause drug abuse. Next,Johnson also showed us how to detect dopamine release in vivo. And hopedopamine stay with you forever, but get rid of the drugs.


Pink Ribbon --- Breast Cancer, byLei

Breast cancer is a major cancer in the world, especiallywith female. Pink Ribbon was created by Alexandra Penney and Evelyn launder,and adopted as the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in1992. Lei introduced some ways to prevent breast cancer, such as maintain ahealthy weight, less alcohol. So far, there are many technics to screen breastcancer, but more important is to check it by ourselves, Lei showed us a selfbreast exam which is not complicated, women can do it at home and men can telltheir wife to do it.

Feb. 2015

The Power of Persistance, by Eric

One step further every day makes you a splendid man;Roman was not build in one day, idle around will make you fall behind far awayfrom others. Eric shared two stories about the experience of Mr. Yangming Wangand the life of Bamboo shoots to express the importance of persistence. Thestorm is horrible, but it’s just the darkest hour before the dawn; Do not loseyour heart when you are in dilemma, because sunshine comes after the storm, therainbow is also beautiful; The goal is nice, but the process may be tortuous,Just persist in our own way, a big surprise may on the way ahead.

How is Red Wine Made?, by TJ

At last, TJ made a short introduction of the process tomake red wind and the way to distinguish different kinds of red wine. First isto check the grapes species, some are from French, some US, some Italy. Do youknow that A grape vine begins to produce grapes after its third year? Then, theyear of the red wine is related with the year when people harvest grapes, so,check the information on the internet then make a decision which year of thered wine is better. There was not much time to discuss the glasses of the redwine, young wine and old wine, nor the health benefits of wine either. Justenjoy yourself with red wine, but not drink too much.

Here is a question from Dr Jianmin Fu: how will you learnEnglish?

That should be the question that we can ask Dr. Fu, buthere, we have to face it. It’s simple question, but a little tricky, you haveto think what you’ve done for your desire: public English speaking. Maybe youlearn it from book, such as New Concept English, Crazy English; you canpractice your listening from speech, e.g., Obama’s Speech every week,ToastMaster, even music and movies; you can talk with foreigners, friends, andfamily as well.

There is no short cut to learn English. We’ve practicedEnglish Listening, reading and writing for a long time, and we are already goodat with these skills, now it’s time to speak loudly. First, you have to openyou mouse and speak. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we always learn fromthem. Second, you can use any resources here in Pharmaron, say English withyour colleagues, your supervisor and clients, prepare journal club in English,grab any chance to practice your oral English speaking. Third, try to sayEnglish directly from your mind, do not always translate Chinese to English. AsDr. Fu said, maybe you suddenly find out that you can say it and love itsomeday. We have to thank Dr. Fu’s effort to share us a lot with this part, wetalked more than 40 min, maybe we can open an English class of Pharmaron infuture.

Spring Festival, By Alisa, CADD

This is the first FT after Spring Festival, Dr. Chusharedus some interesting customs and stories in her home town, and talk about thebeat of the New Year, Nian, who lived under the water in ancient times. Shealso explained why we set fireworks, put couplets written in red papers on thedoor, and light red candles, all of those are given by a god. We have differentcustoms in whole China, full of color and mystery and legends. But now, wait aminute, what the Spring Festival for us? What shall we tell our children? Whatshall we do with our parents?


Mar. 2015

You are what you wear, By Claire, Finance

Which kind of clothes do you prefer: A shirt and tie orComfortable clothes? Claire introduced several types of suits and explainedwhat is “Enclothed Cognition” and “Clothes Make the Man”. When we are puttingon a suit, we are not only giving impressions to other people, but we are alsogiving an impression to ourselves. The uniform is interesting: it can let thefireman feel the responsibility and authority, it can remind the judges to befair in that special position. That’s also a reason why we wear white lab coatin Pharmaron. Next time you are searching for something to wear, remember, “theclothes that you wear seep into the fabric of your psyche” and please dress thepart.

Today, By Shirley, Biology

Shirley shares us with an essay, about the value of timeas follow:

It says that If you want to realize ONE:

Year, ask a student who has failed his final exam;

Month, ask a mother who has given birth to a prematurebaby

Week, ask an editor of a weekly newspaper

Day, ask a daily wage laborer who has ten kids to feed

Hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet

Minute, ask a person who has missed a train

Second, ask a person who has survived an accident

Millisecond,  askthe person who has won a silver medal in Olympics


And, More and More:

Treasure Every Moment That You Have! Yesterday IsHistory. Tomorrow Is Mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called 'thepresent'.

---<MasterWugui, in Kongfu Panda>

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

<The End>


TJ, Pharmaron

Dec. 24, 2015

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