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Visualization and Data Mining Software
Visualization sites | commercial software | free software

Visualization software: commercial
  • Advizor Analyst, interactive data visualization for business

  • Antaeus, data visualization based on the idea of a virtual scatter plot matrix (free for non-commercial use).

  • Augify, cloud-based platform for real-time meaning and visualization.

  • bi-drillet, web-based tool which animates tabular data; presents a "slice" of a "cube" as a 2D bar graph and animates a "dimension".

  • Centrifuge Systems, supports open ended Who, What, Where, Why and When questions, for rapid discovery of non-obvious relationships, anomalies, and more.

  • CViz Cluster Visualization, for analyzing high-dimensional data in large, complex data sets.

  • Daisy, a graphical analysis and interactive investigation program (available as OCX).

  • Data Desk, provides interactive tools for exploratory data analysis and display

  • DataMontage, Java graphing library for multivariate time-oriented data.

  • Davisor Chart, a web charting and reporting J2EETMcomponent suite, designed for server-side use.

  • dotplot, a cloud-based modeling solution for data analysis and statistical computation, with a visual editor to create data analysis models, and over 1000 functions for all tasks of data analysis.

  • Drillet, interactive, online visual analysis of data in spreadsheet format by "drill down".

  • Eaagle visual text mining software, enables you to rapidly analyze large volumes of unstructured text, create reports and easily communicate your findings.

  • Encompass, a platform to visualize commercial information from regulatory sources in banking and professional services.

  • Grapheur 2.0, data mining and interactive visualization tool (free trial).

  • GraphInsight, explore your graphs through high-quality 2D and 3D visualizations.

  • Gsharp, on-line and batch environment for business graphics

  • High Tower TowerView presents huge quantities of data (up to 10,000 different parameters) in a three-dimensional graphical environment.

  • i2 Analyst's Workstation, i2 Inc. software for volume incident analysis; used worldwide to support intelligence-led policing, COMSTAT processes, anti-terrorism/force protection and more.

  • IBM ILOG Visualization, a comprehensive set of graphics products for creating highly graphical, interactive displays.

  • IDL, the Interactive Data Language, enables in-depth data analysis through industry-leading visualization

  • InetSoft Style Intelligence, visualization-driven operational business intelligence platform for dashboards and data mashups.

  • InetSoft Style Scope, real-time web-based visual data analysis and dashboard application with drag and drop designer.

  • InFlow Network Mapping Software

  • InfoZoom, an easy to use visual data analysis tool that works with multiple databases without SQL-querying.

  • InstantAtlas™, improves the visual communication of location-based statistical data, with reporting solution s that combine statistics and map data.

  • IRIS Explorer, advanced visual programming environment for 3-D data visualization, animation and manipulation

  • JMP, offers significant visualization and data mining capabilities along with classical statistical analyses.

  • K.wiz, provides a range of Java visualization components including heatmaps, decision trees, 3D scatter plots and association rules.

  • KeyLines, a lightweight JavaScript toolkit for network visualization using HTML5, compatible with all browsers.

  • LeadScope, provides specialized data mining and visualization software for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Mercury Visualization Sciences Group, offering high-end 3D visualization software tools for scientific and industrial applications.

  • Miner3D, data visualization technology with Dynamic Filters, PCA, K-means and other powerful methods enabling advanced visual data analysis in business and science.

  • NETMAP, innovative combination of link analysis and data visualization, with applications to fraud detection and claims analysis.

  • NovoSpark Visualizer, multidimensional data visualization tool for analysis of static and dynamic data, available in commercial and free (on-line) versions.

  • Oculus, offering many unique and custom software solutions for business visualization.

  • Office Advizor, interactive data visualization software for individual analysis.

  • OpenViz, visualization components (both ActiveX and Java)

  • Panopticon, data visualization tools optimized for monitoring and analysis of real-time data, with an in-memory OLAP data model and ability connect to virtually any data source.

  • Parallax: Multi-Dimensional Graphs, software for visualization and classification by Alfred Inselberg, inventor of parallel coordinates method.

  • Partek interactive data analysis and visualization software for life sciences and engineering.

  • Polychart Embeddable, a charting tool that can be placed anywhere on the web.

  • PV-WAVE, array oriented fourth-generation programming language that enables users to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze and visualize data.

  • Quadbase, provides software and services for data visualization, BI dashboards, reporting, R programming and predictive analytics

  • Quantum 4d, multi-user visualization, knowledge and insight platform; empowers experts and non-technical users to build, navigate, edit and explore n-dimensional universes of insight using a dynamic 3D interface.

  • Quadrigram, a platform for creating customized data visualizations, with a flexible visual language and many visualization templates.

  • RapAnalyst, uses a combination of Neural Nets, Genetic algorithms, and SOM to visualize the knowledger and work with high dimensional data within the two-dimensional Knowledge Filter™.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise, a data visualization tool for interactive analytics and dashboards with secure, live connections to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP BusinessObjects Edge.

  • SAP Business Objects Tools For Advanced Visualization: Startree, Tablelens, Timewall, and Vizserver, let you easily set up visual environments to explore extensive hierarchies and relationships in your applications, spot relationships and analyze trends in tabular data, and visualize long time horizons.

  • ScienceGL, professional software solutions for 3D/4D scientific visualization.

  • Sentinel Visualizer, with advanced social network analysis and visualization.

  • Spatial Key, a next generation Information Visualization, Mapping, Analysis and Reporting System.

  • Starlight Visual Information System (VIS), from Future Point Systems, is a comprehensive visual analytics platform that transforms mountains of data into actionable intelligence.

  • SVAT, Smart Visual Analytics Tool, for data visualization, fraud investigation, and more.

  • Tableau, a visual spreadsheet for databases that allows you to visually explore, analyze and create reports.

  • TIBCO Spotfire, business class visualization platform.

  • Tom Sawyer Software offers customers mature and high-performance products that address the difficult problems of scalable graph visualization, layout, and analysis.

  • Treparel KMX Text Analytics Visualization platform includes landscaping of large documents sets, document similarity, precision and recall, frequency distribution and classification scores.

  • uxColor, patented data visualization software representing numbers in fields of color, with trends and patterns appearing as flows in the color field.

  • Viscovery, intuitive visual representation, exploration, and modeling of complex data distributions, based on Self-Organizing Maps and classical statistics.

  • Visipoint, Self-Organizing Map clustering and visualization.

  • Visokio Omniscope, desktop data discovery tool for interactive data visualization and publishing, including FeatureFinder for make and maintain DataPlayers especially for the web and desktop.

  • Visual Insights offers a comprehensive array of packaged and custom software solutions to help track and analyze eBusiness performance

  • Visual i|o, provides cloud-based, enterprise class immersive business analytics and visualization solutions.

  • VisuaLinks(r), a platform-independent, graphical analysis tool used to discover patterns, trends, associations and hidden networks in any number and type of data sources.

  • VisuMap, information visualization tools for high dimensional non-linear data.

  • WITNESS Miner, a graphical data mining tool with decision trees, clustering, discretization, feature subset selection, and more.

  • Wizard, an easy-to-use visualization and statistics package for Mac OS X.

  • Xanalys Link Explorer, providing visualization by query to support intelligence-led investigations and finding missing links in investigative paths.

Visualization software: free
  • Antaeus, data visualization based on the idea of a virtual scatter plot matrix (free for non-commercial use).

  • d3.js: Data-Driven Documents, a JavaScript library for manipulating and visualizing HTML documents based on data.

  • Databionic ESOM Tools, a suite of programs for clustering, visualization, and classification with Emergent Self-Organizing Maps (ESOM).

  • DataWrangler, an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation from Stanford Visualization Group.

  • Gephi, open-source, free interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.

  • GGobi, next edition of xgobi.

  • Graf-FX, analyze Up to 8 Numerical Values and drill-down to 5 levels of detail. View your data in a variety of 2D or 3D graphs and queries. Interfaces with Access 95, 97, 2000

  • Graphviz, open source graph visualization software.

  • IBM OpenDX: Open Visualization Data Explorer, visualization framework for animating data.

  • InetSoft Dashboardfree: Style Scope Free Edition, a free downloadable web-based application for interactive Flash dashboards and visualizations.

  • InetSoft Visualize Free, a free web-based visualization service for sifting through multi-dimensional data.

  • JuiceKit™ from JuiceAnalytics, a Software Development Kit (SDK) for building visualizations and Information Experience™ applications.

  • MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, a fast, easy, and beautiful way to explore data and share your insight - a self-service business analytics solution. Free download.

  • Tulip, an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data (free).

  • i Visalix, a free web application for visual data analysis and clustering.

  • VisDB, a Visual Data Mining and Database Exploration System, supporting Pixel-oriented Techniques (Spiral, Axes, and Grouping Techniques), Parallel Coordinates, and Stick Figures.

  • Weave, a web-based visualization platform designed to enable visualization of any available data by anyone for any purpose.

  • XDAT: X-dimensional Data Analysis Tool, reads high-dimensional data in column-based format and uses parallel-coordinates to visualize and analyse all dimensions at once.

  • XGOBI, a data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data

  • XmdvTool, a public-domain software package for the interactive visual exploration of multivariate data sets.


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