Mantle decadal oscillation (MDO)

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Mantle decadal oscillation (MDO)

Chen Lijun


The Pacific (inter-)decadal oscillation was named by Steven R. Hare, who noticed it while studying salmon production pattern results in 1997.


The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is a climate index based upon patterns of variation in sea surface temperature of the North Pacific from 1900 to the present (Mantua et al. 1997).  While derived from sea surface temperature data, the PDO index is well correlated with many records of North Pacific and Pacific Northwest climate and ecology, including sea level pressure, winter land–surface temperature and precipitation, and stream flow.  The index is also correlated with salmon landings from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California.


The concept and its working methods of The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is applied in terms of meteorology and earthquake prediction in China. (See the references)


A large number of similar to The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is also found by the author who worked in the disposal of earthquake data and made the time-deep sequence diagram of the earthquake focal depth in Seismic Cylinders on the Earth since 2011.To a certain depth of upper mantle or deep mantle, the clusters of deep earthquake source in different time periods is found and it will render the mantle oscillation pattern just like the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, as shown in fig. 1 ~ fig. 5.

The fig. 1 ~ fig. 5 shows that the mantle oscillation of interior of seismic cylinders is with a "- + -" pattern of seismic activity in some time domain, the depth of each different, but all of them are jumping up and down (roll) within the scope of certain depth. Mantle oscillation time domain is decadal perhaps, such as the Philippines cylinder, the East Tonga cylinder, the Solomon cylinder etc., the advantage is about 18 years, also maybe 10 years or so, such as Japan cylinder, Taiwan and the Ryukyu cylinder, etc. Mantle oscillation time domain is also interannual, such as in the upper mantle of the Solomon cylinder, in the upper mantle of the Southern Chile cylinder and so on. The oscillation time domain within 100 ~ 150 km depth of upper mantle of the Southern Chile cylinder is about 6 months (fig. 5).

From fig. 1 ~ fig. 5 can be seen, the activity of shell strong earthquake and volcanic in cylinders are lagging behind the mantle oscillation process, characterized by a bottom-up driven step by step. And activity of shell earthquake and volcanic seems sometimes strong and sometimes gentle, so mantle oscillation is may divided into “cold” or “warm” phase.

The phenomenon can be called the Mantle Decadal Oscillation (MDO). The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is a climate index based upon patterns of variation in sea surface temperature of the North Pacific, so the Mantle Decadal Oscillation perhaps are the source of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.




Fig.1  The Mantle Oscillation in some cylinders on the Earth(Chen Lijun,2011)




Fig.2  The Mantle Decadal Oscillation in the Philippines cylinder (Chen Lijun,2012)




Fig.3  The Mantle Decadal Oscillation in the East Tonga cylinder (Chen Lijun,2012)




Fig.4  The Mantle Decadal Oscillation in the Solomon cylinder (Chen Lijun,2013)




Fig.5  The Mantle Moonthly Oscillation in upper mantle in the Southern Chile cylinder

 (Chen Lijun,2013)






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