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内容概要: 使用X射线计算机断层扫描(ct)技术在预定的时间间隔拍摄油水流动过程的图像;根据准实时图像研究孔隙尺度的流体驱替机理和剩余油分布规律;对四种剩余油分布形态,即网状状、多孔状、孤立状和薄膜状的剩余油进行了研究和分析

Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 论文网址:

Pore-scale remaining oil distribution under different pore volume water injection based on CT technology

Zhihui Liu, Yongfei Yang, Jun Yao, Qi Zhang, Jingsheng Ma, Qihao Qian

(Published: 2017-12-25)

Corresponding Author and Email: Yongfei Yang,

Citation: Liu, Z., Yang, Y., Yao, J., et al. Pore-scale remaining oil distribution under different pore volume water injection based on CT technology. Adv. Geo-energ. Res. 2017, 1(3): 171-181, doi: 10.26804/ager.2017.03.04.

Article Type: Original article


A water-injection experiment was performed on a water-wet reservoir core plug that was filled with brine first and then displaced by synthetic oil. A X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) was used to take snapshots of the process of oil-water displacement at predefined time intervals to characterize the distribution of remaining oil. The quasi-real time images were used to understand the pore-scale phase displacement mechanisms and the distributional pattern of the remaining oil. Four forms of the distributional patterns, i.e. network, porous, isolated and film shape, were observed and analyzed with respect to the injected pore volumes (PV). The results show that with the increased level of water injection, the volume of the oil phase continuously decreases, and the morphology of the oil phase changes from initial continuous network-like to film shape forms. At 15 pore volumes (PV), the network-like remaining oil disappears and transforms into isolated and film-like forms. The statistics of the volume for each form of the remaining oil show that the isolated blobs increase with increasing water injection, by contrast, the average volume of the remaining oil decreases with increasing water injection. The rate of volumetric changes is fast before 5 PV but slow in the later period.

Keywords: CT, pore scale, digital core, remaining oil distribution, quasi real time.

Pore-scale remaining oil distribution under different pore volume water injectio.pdf

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