AGER期刊 基于膨胀腐蚀数学算子与LBM的渗透率与孔隙关系研究

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Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(2) : 93-99网址:

A study of correlation between permeability and pore space based on dilation operation

Wenshu Zha, Shu Yan, Daolun Li, Detang Lu

(Published: 2017-09-25)

Corresponding Author and Email: Daolun Li,

Citation: Zha, W., Yan, S., Li, D., et al. A study of correlation between permeability and pore space based on dilation operation. Adv. Geo-energ. Res. 2017, 1(2): 93-99, doi: 10.26804/ager.2017.02.04.

Article Type: Original article

CO2 and fracturing liquid injection into tight and shale gas reservoirs induces reactivity between minerals and injected materials, which results in porosity change and thus permeability change. In this paper, the dilation operation is used to simulate the change of the porosity and the corresponding change of permeability based on Lattice-Boltzmann is studied. Firstly we obtain digital images of a real core from CT experiment. Secondly the pore space of digital cores is expanded by dilation operation which is one of basic mathematical morphologies. Thirdly, the distribution of pore bodies and pore throats is obtained from the pore network modeling extracted by maximal ball method. Finally, the correlation between network modeling parameters and permeabilities is analyzed. The result is that the throat change leads to exponential change of permeability and that the big throats significantly influence permeability.

Keywords: Permeability, pore space change, dilation operation, pore network model, microscopic percolation.

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