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[分享] 牛人(Newman)的 power law 参数估计的程序

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幂率分布(Power law distributions),有时也被称为 肥尾分布(heavy-tail distributions)、帕雷托分布(Pareto distributions)、Zipf分布(Zipfian distributions)越来越引起大家的关注。

胡海波先生作了一个很好的综述 [ ] 。

对于幂率分布的估计问题是个很复杂的问题(..., the empirical detection and characterization of power laws is made difficult by the large fluctuations that occur in the tail of the distribution. In particular, standard methods such as least-squares fitting are known to produce systematically biased estimates of parameters for power-law distributions and should not be used in most circumstances. [ A. Clauset, C.R. Shalizi, and M.E.J. Newman, "Power-law distributions in empirical data" E-print (2007). arXiv:0706.1062 ])。


下载附件解压,在Matlab中进入该文件目录,在命令行输入: pl_demo 。即可得到结果。


有兴趣地可以参考Aaron Clauset  的网站:

 power law distribution estimation (matlab)

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