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Sixth Int.Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications Lyon,France Nov. 29- Dec. 01, 2017

Due to many requests the submission deadline to COMPLEX NETWORKS 2017 isextended to:

September 18, 2017 (Firm deadline)


Fullpapers (up to 12 pages) and Extended Abstracts (up to 3 pages) arewelcome.

To submit your contributionvisits the submission page.

·      Papers will be included in theconference proceedings edited by Springer

·      Extendedabstracts will bepublished in the Book of Abstracts (with ISBN)

·      Extendedversions will be invited for publication in specialissues of international journals:

o   Computational Social Networks edited by Springer

o   Applied Network Science edited by Springer

o   Journalof Complex Networks edited by Oxford University Press


AlexArenas,                UniversidadRovira i Virgili, Spain

Santo Fortunato,        Indiana University, USA

JenniferNeville,         PurdueUniversity,USA

DanieleQuercia,          BellLabs Cambridge, UK

Frank Schweitzer,       ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Katharina Anna Zweig, Technical University Kaiserslautern,Germany

Tutorials: November 28, 2017

Ginestra Bianconi,      QueenMary University of London, UK

FrancescoBonchi,      ISIFoundation, Italy

Topics include, but are not limited to:

·      Modelsof Complex Networks

·      StructuralNetwork Properties and Analysis

·      ComplexNetworks and Epidemics

·      CommunityStructure in Networks

·      CommunityDiscovery in Complex Networks

·      MotifDiscovery in Complex Networks

·      ComplexNetworks Mining

·      Dynamicsand Evolution Patterns of Complex Networks

·      LinkPrediction

·      MultiplexNetworks

·      NetworkControllability

·      Synchronizationin Networks

·      VisualRepresentation of Complex Networks

·      Large-scaleGraph Analytics

·      SocialReputation, Influence, and Trust

·      InformationSpreading in Social Media

·      Rumourand Viral Marketing in Social Networks

·      RecommendationSystems and Complex Networks

·      Financialand Economic Networks

·      ComplexNetworks and Mobility

·      Biologicaland Technological Complex Networks

·      Mobilecall Complex Networks

·      Bioinformaticsand Earth Sciences Applications

·      Resilienceand Robustness of Complex Networks

·      ComplexNetworks for Physical Infrastructures

·      ComplexNetworks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids

·      Politicalnetworks

·      Supplychain networks

·      Complexnetworks and information systems

·      Complexnetworks and CPS/IoT

·      Graphsignal processing

·      CognitiveNetwork Science

·      NetworkMedicine

·      NetworkNeuroscience

·      Quantifyingsuccess through network analysis

·      Temporaland spatial networks


Join us at :  COMPLEX NETWORKS 2017, Lyon, France

Publish your work on: AppliedNetwork Science

read:Complex Networks & their Applications

*   Pr Hocine CHERIFI                            *
*          LE2I   UMR CNRS6306              *
*   Faculté des Sciences Mirande           *
*    9 , avenue Alain Savary                    *
*    BP 47870                                         *
*    21078 DIJON    FRANCE                 *

COMPLEX NETWORKS 2017The 6th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

The 6th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their ApplicationsNovember 29 - December 01 2017Lyon, France

The International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

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