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Welcome to Issue 4 of Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers in 2018

25 Apr 2018

By guor.

The latest InorgChemFront issue is published online.Journal cover: Inside front cover

Journal cover: Front coverThe front cover story, Selective and rapid detection of ascorbic acid by a cobalt oxyhydroxide-based two-photon fluorescent nano-platformis contributed by Qingxin, Han, Huan Yang, Shuting Wen, Huie Jiang, Li Wang and Weisheng Liu.

The inside cover features a story on A nickel-based pectin coordination polymer as an oxygen reduction reaction catalyst for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells, by M. K. Kadirov, S. T. Minzanova, I. R. Nizameev, L. G. Mironova, I. F. Gilmutdinov, M. N. Khrizanforov, K. V. Kholin, A. R. Khamatgalimov, V. A. Semyonov, V. I. Morozov, D. M. Kadirov, A. R. Mukhametzyanov, Yu. H. Budnikova and O. G. Sinyashin.



Following review type article is included in current issue:

Exploration of photothermal sensors based on photothermally responsive materials: a brief review
Suying Xu, Xilin Bai and Leyu Wang
Inorg. Chem. Front., 2018,5, 751-759


A review of transition-metal boride/phosphide-based materials for catalytic hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of boron-hydrides
Hongming Sun, Jing Meng, Lifang Jiao, Fangyi Cheng and Jun Chen
Inorg. Chem. Front., 2018,5, 760-772

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