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In other applications, update of an existing database is required by adding new data or modifying some outdated information in the original dataset.

Since a rigorous consistent distortion rarely exists in two datasets, we discuss two kinds of positional distortion in this article: independent distortion and autocorrelated distortion.

There are generally two major steps in feature matching: First, we choose a similarity measurement to be used as a criterion for matching; second, we identify all matched pairs of features using this selected similarity criterion.

--- there was one royal who reportedly refused the offer to hit the dance floor with the categorically handsome actor

Well, we're organising a dinner to raise money for a charity, and we're hoping for at least 150 people, so I think we'll go for the Main Hall. How much would that cost?

And talking of bands, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but you must make sure that no one fiddlers about with black box by the fire door -  that's a system that cuts in when the volume reaches a certain level.




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