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Fluorescent Nanomaterial-derived White Light-Emitting Diodes: What’s Going On

Qiang Zhang ,   Cai-Feng Wang ,   Lu-Ting Ling  and   Su Chen *    

First published online 25 Mar 2014, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2014, 2(22): 4358-4373  


       白光LED以长寿命、节能效果显著的优越性能,成为可替代传统白炽灯的新一代照明产品,因此近年来受到广泛关注。文章主要总结了近几年Prof. Chen 课题组及国际上其他课题组在该领域的一些进展。在前人的基础上,扩充了光转换材料的范围。涉及到的白光LED转换材料主要包括半导体量子点、硅量子点、碳量子点、石墨烯量子点、荧光纳米有机无机和材料(量子点-聚合物、荧光薄膜)等,对此方向上的主要研究进展进行了客观的总结和评述。

1. 量子点
 1.1 半导体量子点
 1.2 核/多壳结构
 1.3 掺杂量子点
 1.4 无重金属量子点
 1.5 直接白光发射的量子点
2. 碳量子点
 3.1 电致发光碳量子点LED
 3.2 光致发光碳量子点LED
 3.3 白光碳量子点基LED
3. 硅量子点
4. 石墨烯量子点
5. 有机无机杂化白光LED
 5.1 量子点-共轭聚合物杂化电致发光WLED
 5.2 量子点-聚合物杂化光致发光WLED
 5.3 半导体量子点-聚合物荧光薄膜(远程)
 5.4 碳量子点-聚合物荧光薄膜(远程)

                     Timeline showing recent progress in fluorescent nanomaterial-derived white LEDs.

Abstract: White light-emitting diodes (white LEDs) have recently attracted substantial interest owing to their

remarkable energy conservation. The evolution of fluorescent nanomaterials with tunable optical

properties has provided an opportunity for light source design of white LEDs. However, the stability and

performance of fluorescent nanomaterial-derived white LEDs still fail to meet the requirements of

practical applications. It is therefore imperative to boost their overall device performance, which depends

on not only the exploitation of advanced fluorescent nanomaterials but also the design of superior light

source. In this review, the achievements in fluorescent nanomaterials as color converters towards white

LEDs are highlighted, including semiconductor nanocrystals or colloidal quantum dots (QDs), carbon-based

nanoparticles, silicon QDs, and organic-inorganic fluorescent nanocomposites. The challenges and

future perspectives in this research area are also discussed.


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