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Tunable bead-on-string microstructures fabricated by mechano-electrospinning, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D: APPLIED PHYSICS,2012






【摘要】This paper presents mechano-electrospinning process to fabricate bead-on-string microstructures in a continuously tunable manner. The thin jet is pulled onto the substrate by the stable electric field force and tunable mechanical drawing force, then bead-on-string structures are generated by means of the force exerted on the jet at the contact point in the horizontal direction changes from capillary force, resisted viscosity force to friction force. When the mechanical drawing force in horizontal direction overtakes the surface tension, bead-on-string structures become continuous line structures by adjusting the substrate velocity. In stable formation process of the bead-on-string, one period can be divided into three stages from the point of view of jet behaviors: being anchored, being stretched, and skipping. The bead-size and the bead-gap are all continuously tunable through mechano-electrospinning process. The fabrication mechanisms of bead-on-string microstructure are uncovered through theoretical analysis and experimental characterization. When the critical velocity achieves, the combination of drawing force and electric field force leads the bead-on-string microstructures to continuous lines. It is a flexible and high-controllable method to fabricate bead-on-string microstructures.





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