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刚刚吴国胜先生提到“scientific integrity”的翻译问题,我现在也弄斧一下,希望大家批评指正。


1Prof. Dr. Wijnand J. Swart在其PPT文件《A Systems Approach to Establishing Scientific Integrity in Evidence Based Policy Making》中,说Integrity“honesty”“a state of being entire or whole”两义。因此他认为“scientific integrity”也有两义:Ethical issues relating to  misconduct  (fraud) or manipulation, suppression, or distortion of factsStriving towards wholenessor excellence in the search for knowledge. 

A Systems Approach to Establishing Scientific Inte


2、跟“scientific integrity”相近的一个术语是“academic integrity”,其含义为:Academic integrity governs the way in which you research and write while at University. It is founded on the principles of respect for knowledge, truth, scholarship and acting with honesty. These principles and values are the foundation of academia.


3Francis L. Macrina写的一本书叫《Scientific Integrity》,据其目录,可知“scientific integrity”是一个比较宽泛的概念。


Chapter and Appendix Titles in the 3rd edition follow.

Chapter 1        Methods, Manners, and the Responsible Conduct of Research

Chapter 2        Ethics and the Scientist

Chapter 3        Mentoring 

Chapter 4         Authorship and Peer Review 

Chapter 5         Use of Humans in Biomedical Experimentation

Chapter 6          Use of Animals in Biomedical Experimentation

Chapter 7         Managing Competing Interests

Chapter 8         Collaborative Research

Chapter 9         Ownership of Data and Intellectual Property

Chapter 10        Genetic Technology and Scientific Integrity

Chapter 11        Scientific Record Keeping  

Appendix I         Surveys as a  Tool for Training in Scientific Integrity

Appendix II        Student Exercises

Appendix III       Standards of Conduct

Appendix IV      Sample Protocols for Human and Animal Experimentation

Appendix V       Example of a U.S. Patent Specification

Appendix VI      Record Keeping Policy


因此将“scientific integrity”翻译为“科研诚信”、“科研正直”似不足以概括其含义,愚意以为译为“科研操守”或“科研伦理(道德)”或庶几近之。


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