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根据猪的优点来写科研,即使不是不当类比或错误类比(false analogy),就是好的类比也当不得逻辑证据(logic - Why is argument by analogy invalid? - Philosophy ...)。反正是应景文章嘛,姑妄写一点吧.


照《The many advantages of pigs》说的,首先,猪给人类提供最多的肉吃,人类吃的36%的肉来自二师兄(It may come as a surprise to those of us in South Africa who love our steak and boerewors, that pork has the highest consumption rate of all meat types. About 36% of meat eaten by humans annually is pork, followed by poultry (35%), and cattle and buffalo (22%).)——科学家可学猪乐于奉献,用科技提高生产力,转化为经济实绩。

其次,猪长得快,食物转化为肉效率高,温驯,好养活。(Livestock producers continually strive to breed the ‘ultimate animal’ – one that grows faster and converts food to meat better, carries more meat in valuable areas of the carcass, and has a better temperament for ease of handling. In many respects, pigs are ideal in this regard. They have fast growth rates and good feed-to-meat conversion ratios; are relatively easy to raise, and do not require much space; have prolific breeding potential; and are docile.)——科学家要学猪,“听话、出活”。

第三,猪还很聪明(Pigs, which belong to the Genus Sus, are very intelligent animals.),“蠢猪”是人类的咒骂语,不能当真。——科学家要像猪一样聪明,最好大智若愚。

第四,猪还很合群(Pigs are highly sociable, and communicate with one another via grunts of different pitch and duration.)——科学家要学猪,乐于合作,善于合作。


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