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Short report for paper reading

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From now, I'll summarize all articles I've read by using several sentences to address its main idea and main importance, and some weakness. It's a very challenging job because some papers can be very long (approx. 20 pages or more). But it is always very nice to get the framework and main ideas out of a paper rather than read it line by line. Hope you'll enjoy this.

  1. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2016, 120, 10531. Animesh Pan. "Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation (EEC) effect: Decisive Rule of Free Energy".

    This paper uses a new tool for addressing EEC, which is the relation of $\Delta H$ and $\Delta S$ with a certain range of gibbs free energy $\Delta G$ , by considering similar and unsimilar reactions (their definitions are not presented in the paper), the authors get these conclusions:

    (1) similar reactions + identical $\Delta G$ can lead to linear EEC with compensation temperature equals to actual experimental temperature ( $T_{comp}=T_{exp}$ )

    (2) similar reactions + a narrow range of $\Delta G$ can lead to linear EEC, but in this case $T_{comp}>T_{exp}$

    (3) similar reactions + a wide range of $\Delta G$ can lead to nonlinear EEC

    (4) unsimilar reactions + a wide range of $\Delta G$ can be randomly scattering points with no apparent linear relation

    (5) even though many previous works on trying to explain the EEC by using statistical thermodynamics, the true origin of EEC and the real physical meaning is still unclear

    (6) Anti-EEC relation is also observed in experiment.

    So we can see EEC is a very rich topic.


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