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WordClouds: Season's sentiments, pros & cons of Xmas

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Most every hot topic coming to my mind these days, I will check our social media system to see how social media reflects it.  Word clouds are intriguing vehicles to present the common social image.  Most word clouds generated by other systems are based on statistics of keywords mentioned together with the topic query, but our system can mine and present word clouds of various types of classified data, including positive/negative emotions towards a topic, pros and cons (or likes and dislikes) of the topic, etc.  They reflect the social images of a topic from different perspectives.  

Today is Christmas Day, so it naturally becomes the topic of the day.  The last post presents the social image of Xmas in Chinese social media,  how about the word clouds in the English social media world?  How about French?  Here it is, as a way of celebrating the holiday season.

Emotion-wise, as expected, Christmas time is full of joy and happy spirit, reflected by all the big green fonts of the positive sentiments expressed in social media.  Negative sentiments do exist, but they are much fewer and scattered in smaller (red) fonts.  The major complaints seem to be caused by the expectations not being met, disappointment in lack of fun and excitement.

As for pros and cons, also as expected, pros are overwhelming.  Both the emotion word cloud above and the pros-cons word cloud below seem to be bothered by some issues from some Christmas sweater party.

In the French world known for its romance and passion, aimer+ and aimer- (love or not love) is a most striking sentiment word pair..

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