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通过玩游戏的风格推测你的个性:PsyOps Battlefield 3

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“你是一个前线突击手?还是一个孤独安静的潜伏杀手?还是驾驶坦克横冲直撞?还是喜欢驾驶飞机在天空翱翔?。。。帮助我们寻找游戏风格和个性之间的关系。。。孔子说,知彼知己,百战不殆。。。” 作者在自己精心做的视频里这样号召玩家分享自己的经历参与研究(,作为这款游戏的玩家,看起来觉得非常有趣:)


看到了这项基于FPS(第一人称射击)游戏的研究,也颇为有趣。来自荷兰Tilburg University的Shoshannah Tekofsky通过流行的Battlefield 3(战地3)中玩家的行为来评估玩家的个性。作者靠这项研究获得了博士学位,现在从事另一个相关的研究叫Player Modeling in Video Games。

PsyOps Battlefield 3 is an academic research project about the link between play style and personality. The simple question we want to answer is: does how you play show who you truly are? Or, put more academically: does the statistically trackable play style of a player significantly correlate to his personality? To find the answer we had over 13,000 Battlefield 3 players complete a personality test. We combined the results of this test with their Battlefield 3 play statistics. We found that play style does indeed say something about someone’s personality. Surprisingly, age also seems to be very closely tied to play style. You can find all the details of the results by exploring this website. To find the sources and citations of the information on this website, head over to the Publications section to view the original research papers (including references). You can also check out our Facebook page for the latest news and updates on PsyOps.

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