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[转载]Three-way Decision and DIKW Hierarchy

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Keynote Speech: Three-way Decision and DIKW Hierarchy

Prof. Yiyu Yao

(Keynote Speaker)


University of Regina, Canada





Brief Bio: Yiyu Yao is a professor of computer science with the University of  Regina, Canada. His research interests include three-way decision, granular computing, rough sets, formal concept analysis, information  retrieval, data mining, and Web intelligence. He proposed a theory of three-way decision, a decision-theoretic rough set model, and a  triarchic theory of granular computing. 


Title of Speech: Three-way Decision and DIKW Hierarchy

Abstract: A theory of three-way decision concerns thinking, problem-solving, and information-processing in threes, that is, the use of triadic structures consisting of three things. By reinterpreting the DIKW hierarchy as a trilevel Data-Knowledge-Wisdom (DKW) hierarchy, this talk will discuss principles and ideas of three-way decision and trilevel thinking. It will draw examples from many fields to demonstrate the needs, benefits, and values of trilevel thinking in light of data, knowledge, and wisdom. Finally, it will look at some implications of three-way decision to big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).


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