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I've been working on something recently. I want to improve my English after a short communication with a foreign teacer. And I learnt that understand each other is the most important thing when we communicate with others. So I've been speaking English with my old classsmates, my former teacher, my parents, lab members, roomies and other people I met in my life.
Somebodies like this way very much and they talk with me in English. BUT others are resisting. When I speak English, they don't care me even they understand what I express. For example, I ask a lab member that where is the rubbish bag for I'm on duty. She do other things and doesn't care me. When I asked another people, she said I want to know where is the rubbish bags in Chinese. And then both of them knew the place, but they both did other things and ignored me. So they're not friendly. But I want to insist on talking in English. Because I think it's not only good for me, but also people who talk with me in English.
I think just a thing I'll meet such difficulties. Mr. Shi and other staff members of @西湖大学WESTLAKE meet more difficult things than me to creat such a new school in China. You're all HEROs. 
By this thing, I know that many things are great and people also agree it. But when they do, they don't. 


NO relationship with Westlake U. Just a people who wants to learn in the future and do some good things for SHE.  #西湖大学正能量#  

From sina weibo @邂逅西湖大学WESTLAKE( 20190814) https://weibo.com/u/2079512374?refer_flag=1005055010_



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