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对光子,物理学基础理论和天文观测现象的理解上的根本性进步 (中英文对照)

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2.      https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341883206_A_profound_advance_in_the_understanding_of_photons_the_foundation_theory_of_physics_and_astronomical_observations


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A Profound Advance in the Understanding of Photons, the Foundation Theory of Physics and Astronomical Observations

Wenzhong David Zhang, 1 Hembury Avenue, Manchester, UK      Email:WenzhongZhang2008@gmail.com

The limitations of modern theoretical physics including the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics are briefly reviewed. The developments of the Big Bang model and Tired Light hypothesis are compared, the calls for open-minded and original thinking to advance the understanding of the foundation theory of physics and astronomical observations are highlighted. The foundation of an emerged Super photon theory is introduced. Thereafter, new insight into the Universal Gravity is elucidated; a generalised Law of the Universal Gravity, Tully-Fisher relation and the Modified Newtonian Dynamics relation are derived quantitatively; the temperature and the spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation are calculated accurately. An experiment is proposed for the verification of the Super photon theory. The capability of photons travelling at the speed of light in a vacuum with friction is theoretically verified. The mathematic frame for the dynamic equilibrium and circulation of photon particles in the Universe is developed quantitatively. The Super photon theory has a huge potential to be further developed to explain physical phenomena that have plagued the physical world for many years and further advance the understanding of the interacting and recirculating of photons, neutrinos, cosmic rays and all sorts of particles immersed in the ocean of Super photons quantitatively. It will help in further understanding the mechanisms of the nucleosynthesis and the stability of fundamental particles and elements, predicting the relative abundance of the elements in the Universe. It may benefit the design and development of nuclear fusion technology and other innovative energy technologies.


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