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Weekly Headlines (excerpts)


1. They may have founded Rome, then vanished. New work sheds light on the mysterious Etruscans
By Andrew Curry | Fri, 24 Sep 2021

2. Watch caterpillars walk on water
By Richard Pallardy | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

3. Male seahorses grow placentas to incubate their young
By Kimberly Hickok | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

4. Vampire bats take their blood meals with friends
By Rachel Fritts | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

5. Sequence every newborn’s DNA? Despite obstacles, UK pushes ahead
By Jocelyn Kaiser | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

6. News at a glance: India’s COVID-19 vaccine exports, inoculating kids, and tiny flying sensors
By Science News Staff | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

7. This genetic sleuth has uncovered a new category of disease marked by sporadic fevers and inflammation
By Mitch Leslie | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

8. Human footprints near ice age lake suggest surprisingly early arrival in the Americas
By Lizzie Wade | Thu, 23 Sep 2021

9. ‘No one could have predicted.’ DNA offers surprises on how Polynesia was settled
By Andrew Curry | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

10. Drug-resistant malaria is gaining a foothold in Africa
By Dennis Normile | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

11. The COVID-19 lockdown was for the birds—in a good way
By Erik Stokstad | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

12. World’s oldest known beads found in Morocco
By Ann Gibbons | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

13. Environmentalists hail China’s vow to stop building coal-fired power plants abroad
By Dennis Normile | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

14. Can a robot influence your decisions? It depends on how you view the machine
By Meagan Cantwell | Wed, 22 Sep 2021

15. ‘Jumping gene’ may have erased tails in humans and other apes—and boosted our risk of birth defects
By Gretchen Vogel | Tue, 21 Sep 2021

16. Costs balloon for U.S. particle physics megaproject

By Adrian Cho | Tue, 21 Sep 2021

17. Israel’s struggles to contain COVID-19 may be a warning for other nations
By Meredith Wadman | Tue, 21 Sep 2021

First Release

Science • 24 Sep 2021 • Vol 373, Issue 6562 • pp. 1523-1527 • DOI: 10.1126/science.abh4049

 Cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide

Tao Cai, Hongbing Sun, Jing Qiao, Fan Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zijing Tang, Xinlei Wei, Jiangang Yang, Qianqian Yuan, Wangyin Wang, Xue Yang, Huanyu Chu, Qian Wang, Chun You, Hongwu Ma, Yuanxia Sun, Yin Li, Can Li, Huifeng Jiang, Qinhong Wang, and Yanhe Ma



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